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SEO and Efficient Site Architecture

Search Engine Optimization November 2nd, 2007


If you compare traditional offline marketing strategies to online strategies, and perceived ROI, then site architecture is one area that though new, should not be ignored. Why, you ask? Because successful website architecture includes building a page link system that can help you target marketing plans, while reaching a larger audience, naturally.

Lets explore site architecture, and how it is related to making online marketing campaigns successful.

Most websites miss out on valuable traffic through search engines. The reason being that the basic design did not figure the ‘search engine crawlers’ into the designing concepts, and most of the companies who own websites do not know how much traffic they can generate simply by having appropriate website optimization fundamentals in place. Including the development of pages individually optimized for specific products or services.

Here is a live example from Hollywood. If you look at the home page (as on November 2, 2007) you will find the top story is propagating the movie “Wristcutters – A love story”.

Let’s search for the keyword “wristcutters” in the top rated search engines namely Google, Yahoo! & Bing. As of today that is – November 2, 2007; you can find the results for the keyword “wrist cutters” gives you ranks for Google as 9th, for Bing its 77th and Yahoo! its way beyond the 150th position.

This site (http://www.hollywood.com) does not sell product directly on the site, though it is still imperative, that to achieve in store sales success, they receive top rankings for products or brand name’s they sell in store, due to the fact that online exposure can draw traffic in store.
If you look at the website, the link to “Wrist Cutters” takes you to the website for Wrist Cutters. Take a look at the page title and you will see that there is no mention of the movie title, even in the title tag.

Since the information about the movie is lost within the content of other movie info, its not easy for the search engine to rank it as relevant for keywords specific to that movie.

Had there been a section on the website like http://www.hollywood.com/movie/Wristcutters_A_Love_Story/3465172 and a title that included any variation of the following key phrases, Wrist Cutters Love Story, Wrist Cutters movie times, Wrist Cutters movie reviews, Wrist Cutters  celebrities, Wrist Cutters celebrity photos and Wrist Cutters celebrity news, There would have been a better chance that the site be found for these terms.

Having a page permanently with information about a certain movie or for any specific topic, is a great idea, as you will not only create a more content rich site, but you will attract more targeted traffic for more key terms which relate to that specific movie, or topic.

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SEO and Efficient Site Architecture

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