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Search Engine Optimization copywriting your key to Internet Marketing success

Search Engine Optimization September 19th, 2007


Search Engine Optimization – its definitions

Here are some definitions found on the web for SEO. Not that it’s the best definition, but they do convey the best meaning for “Search Engine Optimization”.

“The act of altering a web site so that it does well in the organic, crawler-based listings of search engines”

  1. One of the leading SEO software developers, Trendmx, defines it as “The process of increasing the amount of visitors to a Web site by ranking high in the search results of a search engine.”
  2. Another definition goes like this – “Designing a website so that it ranks highly in the search engines when someone searches for specific phrases related to the site.”

Introduction to SEO copywriting

In the world where we promote our business we have to choose the medium and it better be the best. One of the most viable options available is the internet, the World Wide Web – your website. Moreso the effort you put in to make your site be “seen” by a lot of potential customers – better are your chances of getting popular and make decent money and gain search engine visibility for it.

Your website is the key to your success. It’s your baby – and you need to make it healthy so that it grows.

How do we do that? We promote our website. We market our website using latest internet marketing strategies.

One of the ways in which you get your site promoted is Search Engine Optimization copywriting – SEO copywriting in short.

So what is SEO copywriting?

Search Engine Optimization copywriting is a technique of writing text that’s viewable so the website visitor (potential client) can easily read the highlighted text which targeted to search engine specific terms. Such terms are called keyword targeted key phrases or keywords. So it’s important that we get regular visitors and keep them interested – thus targeting sections of your site visitors with topics of their interest; at the same time keeping including related keyphrases inside of the text your are writing about.

The purpose here is to rank highly for the targeted search keyword terms. It’s important to also optimize other on-page elements on the page like the page title, page description and selected keywords or key phrases anticipated to get good rankings.

Another reason why SEO copywriting is done is to build genuine, keyphrase rich content for your website. (back in the day, many people tried to manipulate rankings by creating "doorway pages".)

A recommended number of words that are viewable should be 250 / page with 2-6 strategically placed targeted terms within the content area and on the on-page elements as well. On-page elements can be buttons, images, hyperlinks, page title, meta title, meta description and meta keywords.

What makes SEO copywriting run? Its strengths

The best part about SEO copywriting is that it works well with theme based websites. If done properly, SEO copywriting tends to achieve rankings that place well in search engines and also is still highly interesting to read.

Many factors can attribute to your rankings.  SEO content writing if done properly can be one of the most efficient factors in getting your site ranked high on the organic rankings.  Some other items include:

  • effective and related meta tags unique to each page
  • interlinking relevant phrases to other pages on your website and on the web.
  • tagging your links and images with an effective summary.

For a full summary relating to how to set your website up properly for search engine optimization, I recommend reading our blog posted a few months ago.

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Search Engine Optimization copywriting your key to Internet Marketing success

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