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Quality versus Quantity for Your Social Media Campaign

Search Engine Optimization September 6th, 2012


Quality versus Quantity for Your Social Media Campaign

For you social media marketing campaign to be successful, is it about the quality or the quantity? It’s a little of both. If you want people to like you, you need to deliver high-quality content that will impress and be valuable to them. If you want the search engines to like you, you need to deliver a higher volume of content. The trick is finding the right balance, but how do you do it?

Creating a Schedule

Your company’s social media page is much different than your personal profile. On your profile, you post status updates on a whim; you comment or you don’t comment according to how you feel. On your business page, you should treat it like what it is: a business endeavor that needs to be consistently maintained and monitored. To this end, you should create a schedule for yourself to stay on track. Actually plan out what days, what times, and what you will post for the weeks and months ahead.

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Keeping a Schedule

It’s almost a given that your schedule will change and that you won’t follow it exactly. While you should stick to it as closely as possible, you should also continuing evaluating if your methods (posting time, type of content, etc.) are working. In addition, you need to make sure your schedule is realistic. Don’t make it your goal to post five blog entries per week when you only have time to write three. Now is not the time to aim higher than you can reach because doing this will only reduce quality.

Cross Promotion

One way to boost quantity is to post the same content to all of your social media channels, so you can try and get the most out of your content. It isn’t a bad idea, however, sometimes different content is more appropriate in different places. What you should do is cross-promote your content by, say, posting a link to your Facebook post on your Twitter account. This will help you preserve both quantity and quality. You are adding another Twitter post, but you are not purely duplicating your content.

Converting Customers

If you want to convert your fans and followers into customers, or to keep them as loyal customers, quality is much more important than quantity. One valuable, well-written, appropriately-timed post will help more than ten mediocre posts. People can tell when posts are forced and just for the sake of posting, and they’ll notice and appreciate the posts that stand out as high-quality.

Search Engine Optimization

The second goal of your content is to boost your search rankings, and content creation is an excellent way to do this. Search engines will take many different things into account, but two things they look for are backlinks and original content. While you may think that more content = more backlinks = better rankings, it’s not that simple. Original, valuable content is what will give you better search rankings, because the engines will recognize it as unique, and other people will naturally promote good content.

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This article on the best ways to balance quality versus quantity in your social media marketing was prepared by Travis Lee in tandem with SEOMap - the keyword strategy experts.

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Quality versus Quantity for Your Social Media Campaign

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