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Outsourced Vs. In House SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization May 8th, 2012


Since the year 2000, digital marketing has grown exponentially.  With many businesses today just having a website with a few lines of content about the company is just not enough.  It is imperative for websites to be visible to users and appear in search results for their industry keywords, simply put an SEO Agency in London would not only be related to your industry but be in the users mind for location specific too, narrowing down the chances the prospect will in fact convert to a buyer.

Within the digital space with more and more businesses now competing, how do you differentiate?  Ultimately SEO is the key, with this being a key marketing plan for many brands and ever more so for pure play digital brands.  This then brings the important question, should a business outsource this service for expertise, or just hire someone in house, with pros and cons it maybe in fact better for some to actually employ a team of SEOs in house or simply outsource the service.

Hopefully this piece can shed to light some key factors to you understanding what is better.

Why you should have In House SEO

  1. An In-house SEO essentially would know your business inside and out, therefore have a better understanding of key priorities, challenges and can get areas an agency may find difficult to sign off, be much quicker.
  2. Accessibility is key, knowing that you have complete control over Search Expert, is always good. Knowing you can contact them when plans change means you can quickly adapt.
  3. Attention, the SEO employed will just be looking at your website.  This means you get their full attention.

Why you should not Employ In House SEO

  1. The industry of search is a constantly changing platform, the algorithms change daily.  So you need to make sure they are kept abreast of the industry, which means spending money in terms of investment.
  2. Again following from the first point, it maybe cost ineffective to keeping up with these trends, with SEO being affected by so many different aspects of a firm, SEO maybe pushed on the backburner of any marketing campaign as its true value is not fully recognised.
  3. Top agencies invest in thousands of pounds into the best SEO and Analytics packages, if you are in house this would be about the same salary as having an actual person work for you!

Outsourced SEO Pros

  1. The biggest advantage of outsourcing your SEO is that after reviewing the potential agencies you can be rest assured that these are some of the very best in terms of skills and knowledge within the industry and are able to create SEO strategies with your business in mind.
  2. By outsourcing you SEO no more money would have to be spent on having to spend time and effort into training and tools for the SEO team.
  3. Finally, outsourcing your SEO means faster execution of tasks since having a team of experts on your website rather than one / two experts.

Outsourced SEO Cons

  1. Outsourcing your search department can be expensive, so you must decide on the ROI, weighing up the costs and your expected return is essential.
  2. Accessibility and knowledge, as clients are heavily results, you may not actually speak to your SEO agency that often and have enough knowledge of what they are doing to make it seem worth wild investment.
  3. Black Hat SEO, a term and technique that sends chills to most with know in the industry, implementation of these practices could in fact get you black listed from Google if your SEO agency dabbles in these practices.

Ultimately from business to business there will be different pros and cons and it will essentially up to you to decide, if you should outsource or have an in house expert.  With SEO evolving many larger businesses now do both!

Post By Daniel B (1 Posts)

Dan works in the B2B Marketing industry, specialising in marketing to students services throughout the UK.  In his spare time he enjoys reading, guest speaking at business events and understanding the fiscal economy.


Dan works in the B2B Marketing industry, specialising in marketing to students services throughout the UK.  In his spare time he enjoys reading, guest speaking at business events and understanding the fiscal economy.
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Outsourced Vs. In House SEO Marketing

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