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Optimizing Your Site’s Image Gallery

Search Engine Optimization December 8th, 2010


Image Gallery Optimization TipsThis week we are going to discuss helpful tips on 'Optimizing Your Site's Image Gallery'. This post is intended to share image optimization strategies we follow in optimizing those image galleries without taking up much time.

Image Gallery Optimization Tips

If you have a large number of images to incorporate in your website, then using an image gallery can avoid cluttering the length of pages. The following points will make your image optimization job pretty easy and also improve your on page SEO score.

1. Image File Naming

Adding suitable keyword names to images is an important step in gallery page optimization. Don’t give generic names like image 1, left image, right image etc. or even append image with too lengthy names.Also, images should be in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats.

2. Categorize Image Sets

Categorize your images by adding headings (<h2>, <h3>, <h4>) depending on the heading hierarchy of your site. Adding the <h> tags and formatting to the CSS and using it for the image categories will complement your SEO efforts.


3. Using Power ALT Tags

The text in your Alt Tag text is a crucial metric as far as search engines are concerned. Alt texts tell search engines and other technologies what the image is about. If images are lost or fail to display, the alt text takes its place. So make it a practice to append a descriptive text line along with every image in your web pages.


For additional information here is a good read from Google Webmaster Central:


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Optimizing Your Site’s Image Gallery

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