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Optimized Online Press Release- an Effective SEO Tool

Search Engine Optimization December 20th, 2008


Changing Web Search Scenario

A couple of recent surveys have revealed that the web search landscape is constantly changing and that people prefer using the subcategories on the search engines like images and news tab all the more.. The Audit Bureau of circulation has also revealed that newspaper readership is down by a few percentage points while those of news websites are up by a similar margin. As of now, Yahoo news continues to attract the largest online news audience in the world.

What all these point to is the increasing preference for online news sites and the immense clout it wields. An optimized online press release then can work wonders for your site. It can increase search engine rankings, generate traffic and build brand awareness.

How does it differ from Traditional Press Releases?

An optimized online press release, unlike the traditional press release, is one that is written in such a way that the search engines will review it and include them in news and search results. The online press release is keyword optimized and would contain relevant keywords that relate to the business or product being promoted. Online press releases specifically focus and target the search engine crawlers that review and rank sites in the order of their relevance and importance.

Why you should go in for Optimized Press releases

It is a known fact that over 75 % of web users in North America read online news and the number of people using online news sources to gather information on products and services is showing dramatic increase year on.

For those searching for data, press releases provide valuable information. And, if the press release is written and optimized by an internet marketing company, you can very well expect to attain top ranking for the chosen keywords within 24 hours. They are experts in content writing including press releases. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach your target audience directly.

If your optimized news release has been submitted to several online directories they would automatically be picked up by search engines and soon there will be many who will visit your site And if you add the release to your website and put them in to an RSS feed, you can increase your visibility manifold. You will soon have your press release showing up in Yahoo News and Google Blogsearch. And as online news sites are high quality information sources, you could definitely increase your ranking in search engines due to the links in the press releases

Internet Marketing Companies & Press Releases

If the search engine optimization company that prepares your online press release is also a Google authorized Analytics Company, they would help with your website analytics and help you track the effectiveness of your press releases including how many times the press release was accessed or downloaded.

If you do have an archive of articles, you can very well convert these articles in to press releases and optimize them for Yahoo news, AOL News, Google News and other news engines and increase your website traffic all the more.

Optimized online press releases are one of the easiest, fastest and most effective ways to achieve greater online visibility and drive in increased traffic to your website. Optimized online press releases are something that no one should avoid and must definitely be included as part of your SEO process.

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Optimized Online Press Release- an Effective SEO Tool

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