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Is HTML5 Important for SEO?

Search Engine Optimization August 17th, 2012


As the IT developers propose state-of-the-art structures that surpass the well-known HTML standards, which make possible website structuring, more and more regular individuals and owners of online businesses are interested in revising the old HTML standards and changing them with the new ones. The new standards are gathered under a new HTML package, known as HTML5. The latest changes must be performed by all those who have a website or a blog as soon as possible. This is because the entire cyber space is about to change completely. Obviously, the online business owners, who cannot keep up with the latest developments within the IT field, will lose their customers sooner or later. In order to avoid this, you must understand the importance of HTML5 for SEO.

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The Role of HTML5

The main role of the new HTML standards is similar to that of the old ones, namely to provide search engines the context they require in order to recognize and assess correctly the content of a webpage. But, are the new HTML standards able to change our SEO strategies entirely? Is HTML5 going to modify the way we do business online? In order to understand the impact of HTML5 on SEO, you should know the following things:

  • HTM5 brings along new components, which help website owners to divide their web content much better than ever before. As the new HTML standards improve page segmentation, anyone can easily distinct different page parts from others. A great thing is that most search engines are able to use certain segmentation characteristics for finding pages that match particular enquiries. Thus, page segmentation has a lot to do with SEO.
  • HTML5 introduces a new element, namely the <article>. This component is very important because it directs search engines towards the content of the webpage. This is crucial especially because it helps users to find comprehensive content that fits a specific keyword instead of locating only the titles, which include that keyword without actually providing too much information about the topic itself. Therefore, this new element requires search engines to search for the content that corresponds to a particular keyword instead of titles.
  • Another new element that HTML5 proposes is <nav>. This component can help a website to provide information with regard to its architecture. <nav> is a complementary function to the well-known sitemap.
  • HTML5 delivers new link types that permit webmasters to choose the most appropriate links for their websites. This thing also allows search engines to understand the context of the links they come in contact with better than before.
  • Some components of HTML5 present different media-related improvements. This means that the new elements for video and audio come along with an increased interoperability, which enables each engines to connect specific structures to each other.

These are the most essential improvements that HTML5 offers in order to help webmasters to get the best out of their SEO strategies. Although HTML is continuously changing, this version seems to be the best one so far. It is true that the new functions proposed by HTML5 have a greater impact on the activity of web designers than on the activity of SEO specialists. However, none can deny that HTML5 brings along essential changes that also link to SEO.

Is HTML5 a Lot Different from the Previous Versions?

The developer admits the fact that HTML5 is a better version of HTML4. In other words, HTML5 delivers a few improvements compared to HTML4. One of these improvements is the fact that it ensures backward compatibility. While some specialists were expecting more from the new HTML5, others are really happy because they do not have to study it from scratch. As the developing service takes into account this aspect, every new code proposes a limited number of changes, allowing webmasters to keep up with all of them.

Unfortunately, HTML5 is yet to be used extensively. This means that we will most probably receive the first comprehensive reports with regard to the impact of HTML5 on SEO only after a few years. As a matter of fact, the search engines do not pay attention to HTML5 currently. Most of them are waiting for HTML5 to be widely used in order to make sure that all the browsers are compatible with the new HTML elements. Most probably, HTML5 will be extensively used only after a large number of webmasters will discover its great functions.

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Is HTML5 Important for SEO?

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