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INTERCLUE –FireFox Add-On For Google Search

Search Engine Optimization September 29th, 2010


INTERCLUE –FireFox Add-On For Google SearchInterclue is an add-on for Firefox that gives you an enhanced and informative search experience. Yet another tool to help Google users to help browsing speed and save time. Interclue helps you to understand what the search result talks about even before you click on it.

About Interclue

Install it onto your Firefox browser(version 3.0 onwards) for free and you get a shortcut icon on the right hand bottom corner of your system. Enable or disable the feature depending on your requirement. It has advanced tools and tooltips to help you to know more about the search results. Hover on the link of your concern and get more information about the page. Interclue may not have much optimized results for languages other than English, but still it is applicable for other non-English Languages.

Interclue Features

When you search for a topic in Google, beneath the link (if you have installed interclue), you can find the 'delicious tag'. Hover on it you get the number of times the page was viewed for the keyword which implies the page relevance. image
For the search query ‘Commonwealth Games’ you get a pop-up known as the ‘ClueViewer’. image
Drag or resize it as you desire. Obviously you know the page even before you actually click on the link, which means you don’t have to open up too many pages on your browser to get an answer. Click on the buttons on the top of ClueViewer to perform specific functions. The Interclue algorithm extracts the necessary details from the page and gives us a thumbnail. The snapshot gives you the text content(ClueView), Bookmark info, Date of the page, Feeds, summary of the page like the number of words, links and files (meta data) in it. Interclue performs the same as in the Google search page, in any site that you open in your browser. See the example below for www.techwyse.com opened in the browser. I placed the cursor over ‘Planning&Development’ and the ClueViewer was displayed just as it would for a search query. image
Need more? Click 'Change the options' button in the ClueViewer. It gives you an extended range of choices. Click on it, you get a box where you can perform an advanced personalization of Interclue. Customize all the above mentioned features of Interclue here. Enable or disable the features or customize it the way you want. So next time the Interclue will perform for you accordingly. If you need a bit more information for your search, you have free download of linkclue icons like for links to an mp3 file, or a youtube file and so on. Interclue will give you previews only if it is directing to a regular URL link. Hover over ‘similar’ and ‘cache’ features in the SERP and get their respective previews too. Isn’t that a bit cool? Interclue is definitely an innovative add-on for all major browsers and definitely look forward to updates on it in the future.

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INTERCLUE –FireFox Add-On For Google Search

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