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How To Cheat And Use Google.com From Anywhere In The World (2016)

Search Engine Optimization August 11th, 2014


Google.com Country Search

So you want to switch to Google.com instead of your home country’s Google? By default, Google detects where you’re searching from and forces you to use the country-specific version of the search engine. For example:

  • Google.ca (Canada)
  • Google.co.in (India)
  • Google.jp (Japan)
  • Google.co.uk (United Kingdom)
  • Google.com.au (Australia)
  • Google.ie (Ireland)
  • etc.

It can be frustrating, you type in Google.com and you get redirected back to your country’s Google TLD (top level domain, e.g. .ca, .co.uk, .jp, etc).

As you’ve probably found out, search results vary greatly between locations. So how will you be able to get back to Google.com?

Nooooo, I Just Want to Search from Google.com!


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UPDATE: Thanks to our reader Bassem Fanari for providing us with an updated way to do this:

Instead of using NRC http://www.google.com/?gfe_rd=cr&gws_rd=cr

It seems like Google has removed the ability to use google.com/ncr

Here’s how it used to be done:

Instead of typing in Google.com into your browser ADD “/ncr” after .com like so:


This will take you directly to Google.com without any local redirection. Try it by clicking the link above.

No proxies, just the good ‘ol Google.com search results you love from where ever you are. You will notice “?gws_rd=ssl” appended to the end, this just means that Google is taking you to the secure version of Google.com. Google.com/ncr has the benefit of being pretty easy to remember. It stands for No Country Redirect.

This will work with any country (minus China for political reasons).

This also works in reverse, let’s say you’re a Canadian like me and you want to search Google.ca while visiting the US, just use:


Gonna be away from home for awhile?

How to Permanently Make Google.com your Homepage.

In Chrome, go to your settings from the “hamburger menu” (in the top right hand corner of your browser) and click settings.


Then, under appearance select “change” under show home button.

Home Button

Then simply change your (in this case) Google.ca to Google.com/ncr

Home Page

And there you have it, you can now search Google.com from anywhere in the world, directly from your homepage!

Bonus Tip!

Don’t want to change your homepage, but still want to easily search Google.com.
Just drag Google.com/ncr down to your bookmarks bar like so:

Note: changing to Google.com this way will still mean you will see local Google AdWords ads. To get around this, use a proxy like Hide My Ass, but for everyday searches, or to check your broad country-specific rankings use the simple trick I’ve outlined in this post.

Using NCR will also not change your language settings, click here to change them (you must be logged into a Google account to do this).

There is a Chrome Plugin called NoCountryRedirect, which will automatically add /ncr to google domains, including blogspot. The reason why I did not make it the focus of the post is that it does not offer flexibility to switch between TLDs (top level domains .com, .ca, .jp, etc). Once the plug-in is on, it’s ON. The only way to disable it is to deactivate it.

Also, hat tip to the kioskea.net forum where I learned about this trick.

There we go, I think that I’ve pretty much covered the extent of this topic! If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter @strategyinventr, thanks!

Post By Steve Toth (144 Posts)


Steve is an industry recognized SEO expert who has been published in Moz. He is an audiophile and loves all things internet marketing. Steve enjoys working on the conceptual side of SEO.

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How To Cheat And Use Google.com From Anywhere In The World (2016)

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