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How to Strengthen Your Geo-Targeted SEO Campaign

Search Engine Optimization August 14th, 2010


How to Strengthen Your Geo-Targeted SEO CampaignIf you own a small or medium-sized business, Local Geo-Targeted Search Engine Optimization is a great way to drive quality traffic to your site. After all, quality traffic is a big factor in the success rate for your online business, so it is crucial to have a proper Geo-Targeted SEO plan in place.

What is Geo-Targeted SEO?

Geo-Targeted SEO is optimizing niche keywords based on location. Some of the advantages for Geo-Targeted SEO are:

  • Expanding your clientele and services
  • Eliminating unwanted traffic
  • Increasing your local Leads = More conversions
  • Reaching your targeted audience

Planning a Geo-Targeted SEO Campaign

To get started with a Geo-Targeted SEO campaign, you have to find Geo-Targeted Keywords. This plan can be crafted by following this structure:

1. Finding Geo-Targeted Keywords

You can either use search suggestion option of search engines or any popular local search trending tools like Google keyword Suggestion Tool.


2. Adding Geo-location Specific Landing Pages

Geo-Targeted Landing Pages assist you with converting traffic into leads based on location. For eg: If you’re a lawyer practicing ‘personal injury law’ in Toronto area, then you can consider having pages with URI’s – Site.com/Injury-Lawyers-Toronto or Site.com/Toronto- Injury-Lawfirm

3. Enable Geo-Tagging in Meta Content

Geo-Tagging is a great way to add exact location to the information you are working with. Below is an example of how to code your Meta Tags to be ‘Geo-Tag friendly’

<meta name="geo.position" CONTENT="49.2;-123.4"> (latitude, longitude)
<meta name="geo.placename" CONTENT="London, Ontario"> (city, State/Province)
<meta name="geo.region" CONTENT="CA-ON"> (Country, State/Province)
<meta name="ICBM" content="49.2;-123.4"> (latitude, longitude)

Geo-Targeting is definitely a great tool-set to add to your overall SEO process, so keep your eyes on our blog for future tips on how to best strengthen your Geo-Targeted SEO Campaign.

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How to Strengthen Your Geo-Targeted SEO Campaign

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