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How to Boost Your Rankings Easier and Faster

Search Engine Optimization June 8th, 2012


How to Boost Your Rankings Easier and Faster

Link building is one of the core parts of SEO but we all know it tends to take a lot of time and the results are never immediate. There are a couple of things that could speed up the process if done right. The days of slow link building results are over if you’ve got what it takes.

Product creation

One of the things you can do to make yourself more visible to the search engine is to create an amazing product that people love. This is something that might take a while but it’s well worth the time. By creating such a product, people will start talking about it, sharing it and more importantly – other websites will talk about it too which means more links from high authority domains.

The beauty of this strategy is that your product doesn’t have to have been around forever. As a matter of fact, most of the times, the newer your product is, the better. Take Facebook for example. They were new to the social world compared to MySpace but they absolutely smashed the competition in a matter of months.

Content creation

Everybody knows that content is important. However, creating good content is simply not enough. You need to make sure your content is impeccable. A good idea is to even hire writers for your blog if you don’t have the time or skills to write meaningful and useful posts that readers would like to see. You can go a step further if you have the resources and hire an editorial team to make sure it all looks good before it’s presented to the public. Create your own blog about your product, update it regularly and share the posts using different social networks so that more people can see them. If everything goes well, eventually your reader will become customers and defenders of the great product you have created earlier.


Infographics contain useful and interesting information for the readers that is presented in a creative way. Creating infographics will compliment your blog and make your posts even more interesting. They will encourage users to share them on different social networks. It’s important to present the different facts you find in an interesting way so you don’t bore the readers to death with statistics for example.

So as you can see link building doesn’t have to be difficult and the results don’t have to be slow. You will be able to quickly see an improvement in your rankings if you follow these simple but really effective tips.

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Atanas Valchev works for one of the leading SEO agencies in Bulgaria - SEO Pal. If you want to learn the latest trends in the SEO world, follow the company's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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How to Boost Your Rankings Easier and Faster

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