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How to Balance your SEO Content Between Search Engines and your Customers

Search Engine Optimization January 5th, 2012


As a consumer and a marketer it’s impossible to not notice websites that have been designed for the sole purpose of being ranked high by Google. That’s what businesses want, right?

Unfortunately, some companies become so obsessed with being number one in the search engines, that by the time they outrank their competitors, their site’s content looks terrible!

With Google’s updated algorithm, content is becoming more critical than ever before and not just any content; it has to be relevant, well-written and most of important of all, it has to keep the customer engaged.

Making a Website for the Search Engine AND Your Customers

Don’t Turn Customers Away with your Keywords

Even with the knowledge that businesses try to use commonly misspelled words and repeat keywords to rank higher, it is very off-putting to see a website with misspelled headings, words without spaces and underlined keywords:

  • See your website through your customer’s eyes. Imagine that they don’t even know what SEO or SEM is and the fact of the matter is they probably don’t. Picture being this customer who has come to your website and thinks that you have spelled “equipment” as “equiptment” and then you have used this misspelled word in every heading and paragraph on your site, and have highlighted or underlined it as well. The only outcome to this scenario is a bounce.

Be a Resource but Strike the Balance

Some businesses find out that Google likes content, and websites such as Wikipedia have become so prominent in the engines because they are informative sources, and generate backlinks. It makes perfect sense that businesses want to provide information to their customers through well-written content. This is great and it’s encouraged but don’t lose focus:

  • Your website should always come across as a detailed and even interactive advertisement or brochure. While there should be helpful articles and a blog, providing too much will take the attention away from what you are selling. The last thing you want is a customer that spends an hour on your site reading articles, and completely forgets that they were originally attracted to the site because they wanted to buy what you are selling.

Consider a Content Rewrite

A copywriter can look at the bigger picture and rewrite website content that will appeal to the customer and Google without upsetting the balance between the search engine and the site’s usability. For businesses that want to improve their own content the most valuable tip is to imagine that you are one of your customers:

  • What do you need to see first to stay on the site?
  • What information do you need before you buy?
  • Have you included features, advantages and benefits?
  • Are purchasing options and information easy to get to?
  • Have you used your most successful keywords and search terms sparingly throughout the site?

Ranking high in Google is of utmost importance but don’t forget about your customers. Google isn’t buying what you have to offer, they’re just bringing you the leads. It’s up to your SEO content to make sure that it holds the attention of the customer, gains their trust, and makes the conversion.

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How to Balance your SEO Content Between Search Engines and your Customers

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