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How Google’s New Privacy Policy Will Affect Search

Search Engine Optimization February 2nd, 2012


How Google’s New Privacy Policy Will Affect Search

If you have a Gmail account, you may have noticed an email or two about Google’s new privacy policy. I know, I know, ‘privacy policy’ screams boring and few people actually read them. Well we did, and in this blog post we’re going to give you the scoop on how it will affect your Google experience and in particular, search.

Google Privacy Policy

Google is touting its new privacy policy as “one policy, one Google experience” and it makes sense for Google to use all of your information to deliver the best and most relevant search results. Google’s new privacy policy will take effect March 1st.

What Information Will Google Collect?

Device Data

Across all of its services Google will collect device information, so whether you access a Google product via a Sony Vaio, iPad, or Android phone Google will know. In fact this has just recently taken effect in AdWords.

AdWords Device Targetting

If you notice your organic traffic has a high percentage of mobile iOS traffic you may want to target your PPC ads to only those people. Take this example: the iPhone 5 is rumoured to be out next summer and you’re sitting on a bunch of iPhone 4 cases, what better way to inform people than to specifically target people using a iPhone 4. This is now possible!

Location Data

Google will also collect location data from both your wireless carrier and Wi-Fi access points and cellphone towers. This will take local advertising to a whole new level. Take a look at this ad that recently appeared on my iPhone.

Google Sponsored Link Ad

This sponsored link popped up when I searched for directions. The ad occurred between my departure and destination point. It is likely that the ads relevance is a reflection on terms I’ve recently searched for or written about in Gmail. Google can demonstrate this relevance cross-app or even cross-device now!

Search Customization

Your organic search experience just got a whole lot more relevant.

Google Search Window

Most of us know about the how Google+ will affect search results (both paid and organic), but now your usage across all Google products will factor into search results. Let’s take the example of someone who is a rabid boxing fan, they search for and read articles on the sport, they subscribe to boxing blogs on Google Reader, etc. Come next Christmas when this person searches for ”boxing” on their iPhone, they’re not likely to be returned results for boxing day,

Final Thoughts

I can see how those who are hesitant about handing over all their information to Google. You do have options, check out their FAQ page to get answers to (hopefully) all your questions. If you’re of the mind “do what you may Google, I trust you” then the new direction Google hopes to pave for itself will lead to a better more relevant search experience, that ultimately gives you the information you want, faster.

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Steve is an industry recognized SEO expert who has been published in Moz. He is an audiophile and loves all things internet marketing. Steve enjoys working on the conceptual side of SEO.

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How Google’s New Privacy Policy Will Affect Search

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