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How To Get High Rankings From Article Submission

Search Engine Optimization October 28th, 2008


articles-online There are several ways online advertising is conducted. A website owner will always be on the look out for finding the easiest, quickest and the most profitable way to promote his/her website. There are several options open to the website owner; article submission, also called article marketing, is the one I am speaking about in this post.

What is article submission?

Article submission to be precise, is writing a series of articles having unique content on any particular topic and submitting these to various online directories. It is a highly effective idea employed widely by online marketing professionals to drive traffic to a particular website. If made use of judiciously, it can definitely go a long way in promoting your online business and helping you achieve a high ranking in (SERP).  Just keep in mind that the primary reason to write articles is to add valuable content to the world wide web.  Once this is noticed, search engines will follow.

What can I expect?

Every article written and submitted should have unique content, be informative and should lucidly describe the contents of the website so as to benefit the end user. The traffic received will, to a large measure, be determined by the content relevance and its appropriateness to the subject in question.

Want to rank in search engines?

The first concern is that you write an article of value that people will appreciate and link to.  Once this is completed you should take special note of the relevant keywords to that post and make sure that you include them in your article.  At the same time, you should take care not to put your keywords in too much.  I usually tell people to pick out your top 5 – 8 keywords and include them 4 – 6 times every 600 words.  Remember – the article that you submit should always benefit the end user; that’s what the search engines really look for.

Submission Methods

Now that your article is written you need to find places that are willing to publish it.  The best thing you can do as an author is find some trusted sites that are related to your topic.  Typically, there are a few types of sites that will post your article:

  • blogs
  • article sites
  • directories

The most important thing to do is understand whether the site is trusted by Google.  You can look for a Google PageRank as a starting point but you may also want to review the site that you are going to post your content on and make sure it seems legitimate and not just full of copied content.

Directories are either free or paid. Free directories may have a longer response time and are the ones I would recommend to have a good look over to ensure it isn’t just all copied content. In the case of paid submissions, your articles will be featured in the main page itself and you stand a great chance of getting increased traffic. There are hundreds of free and paid directories where you can submit your articles.


Once the articles have been submitted to the right sites you will notice that there is an improvement in the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. Done properly, article submission will create a direct link to your website and this will have a nice effect on your page rank. Much of the referring traffic can ultimately turn out to be your potential clients. Article submission is “supply creating its own demand”. The more the number of places where your site is displayed the more the chances of it being noticed by users and search engines!

On a final note, write relevant and unique articles and submit them to the several directories; it surely is one of the best ways to drive increased traffic to your website, attain higher ranking in SERP and an assured way to increase online business.

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How To Get High Rankings From Article Submission

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