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Google Introduces Local Search Volume To Keyword Tool

Google’s Keyword Tool now displays the “Local Search Volume” in a separate column

Google AdWords Keyword Tool has been a very popular online resource for doing keyword research. Professional webmasters have utilized the tool in the ongoing search for fresh keywords and to optimize their websites for existing keywords. Even ordinary users doing casual research have found the tool to be an easy and excellent aid.

Now the tool is going to become even more popular thanks to a new feature Google has added.  Google has rolled out a few changes to the AdWords Keyword Tool interface. The previous options ‘Search Volume Trends’ and ‘Highest Volume Occurred In’ have been replaced with two new columns, one for ‘Local Search Volume’ and other for ‘Global Monthly Search Volume’.  Now that is handy!

The newly added Local Search Volume column provides data for previous month specific to your targeted country (local area) and language. By selecting ‘Match Type’ drop-down, you will get corresponding data. This allows webmasters to take advantage of any local trends and include local targeted keywords to their list. Global monthly search volume provides traffic in all countries and languages and returns results specific to your drop down selection from the ‘Match Type’ menu. It shows the approximate average monthly number of search queries matching each keyword results.

This new feature offers immense possibilities for national advertisers and webmasters to zero in on the target audience at the local level. Knowing the local search trends enables websites to be tailored for the particular geo-specific audience. PPC campaigns can be restructured through better analysis and on page optimization can also be enhanced using the new keyword suggestions.

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