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Google Encrypts Signed-in Search Data: The Effect On SEO

Search Engine Optimization July 13th, 2012


The giant search engine, Google, has made major improvements on the way users who are signed in access their services. If you have signed in for Google services, any search on the internet will now be performed under the protection of SSL. This is called the secure socket layer. That means a search will no longer pass the search term referral data. The same service will also be passed to the pay per click users.

The members using SEO as a marketing tool have been saddened by such move by Google. But Google has held its guns saying that they are only trying to protect the privacy of their users. The implication seems that if you need access to search referrer data, you must pay Google.   The objective of Google is to promote a secure experience for internet users.

What is New?

The following are the new changes with Google and how you search the internet. It is evident all users will now be redirected to the secure site when doing their Google search. Then, all search queries posted by users will have to be encrypted through Google Secure Search. Due to such changes, all organic clicks will be identified as originating from Google. Lastly, all secure site searches that will end up coming through as search ads will equally provide the search as desired.

Reasons for Encryption

Google has explained now and again in their blogs that the main reason of doing what they are doing is in observance of the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Initiative which is known as HTTPS Everywhere. They further argue that other companies like Facebook and Twitter have done that. Therefore, it is their turn to comply with such regulations. Despite such vivid explanations, advertisers are handling the changes with plenty of suspicions. The advertisers are reporting that Google’s claim of privacy of users is baseless because on the other hand when they pay, they easily access the data which is supposed to be private matter. Now it is harder for people to secretly get access to information provided by Google users.

What are the Shortcomings of Encryption of Sign-in searches?

Some analysts have reported that there are two major loopholes in this system. The first, it is still possible to pass along the search term when the users click on Google ads. Secondly, the encryption via SSL applies only to people who are signed in for Google searches.  It is also sad to realize that advertisers who pay for Google services can also access the referrer data on several arenas.

Post By Donald (1 Posts)

This post is written by Donald, he works at myoutdesk. You can hire efficient virtual assistants at Myoutdesk.com.


This post is written by Donald, he works at myoutdesk. You can hire efficient virtual assistants at Myoutdesk.com.
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Google Encrypts Signed-in Search Data: The Effect On SEO

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