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Fix Low Quality Content Pages On Your Website

Search Engine Optimization October 22nd, 2012


While quality content can boost your website’s ranking significantly, low- quality content can push it down tremendously. Low quality content does not merely refer to content with an overdose of keywords and SEO. It also entails to content that doesn’t take into consideration the needs and want of search engines. Many in fact only comprehended the concept with the Google Panda update that rebuked those sites that encompassed these low quality content pages.

Low quality content pages may also refer to those pages without sufficient substantial information. In such pages, the entire content may revolve around a few words and sentences not entailing to the global template of the page. In addition, there are cases where the information on these pages are very similar or a direct copy from other sites.

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A few common types of low quality content pages

  • There are times when you may have noticed forums, columns, and community pages that do not bear any necessary information regarding the creation of the profile other than room for user name and some empty fields, allowing one to create innumerable profiles. Profiles that give room for link sharing are also an easy target for spammers who intend to add links. In fact, some go the extra mile, add links with the help of their slyness, and pave way for adding links.


In order to shun from such spammers, you can keep your profile pages invisible to all unregistered users including search engines.

  • Do categories in websites without enough products irritate you? Google, hence, deems categories without enough products that do not serve the purpose to be of low quality. Hence, use directories only when you have an array of products in each category and require specific categories to differentiate themselves. Similarly, creating innumerable tags and tagging each post with a number of tags can make these tagged pages a low quality one. Creating a bunch of tags for a page does not serve the purpose of segmenting posts. Tagging is necessary but overdoing can  do harm than good.


Do not create tags with the objective of stuffing keywords and limit yourself to the creation of necessary few that direct you to the respective category. Besides enhancing the means to browse your blog, it will enable Google to find and spider the pages effectively. While it might be difficult to rework on your tagging, you can add a rel=nofollow to the tag links and add a “noindex, follow” Meta tag to these pages. This will be a win –win situation for you as the duplicate pages will no more be indexed but the search engine will still follow the links that the page consists.

  • A common mistake that blogs commit is providing a link to the blog post they find interesting by creating a new post ‘Read on to know ….’ and so on. Some act further thoughtlessly by linking the empty post to a link on the website that has to be clicked to read the post. You are surely testing your reader’s patience.


An easy and effective solution is to share them on social media channels that function as a sharing platform in themselves. Otherwise, you can directly link to the content that you want to share.


Low quality content pages do not only refer to pages with an overdose of SEO and keywords. Google considers all those websites that do not serve the purpose well to be of low quality. Making it easy for spammers to create profiles, including unnecessary categories, creating a blog that gives a link to another blog you want to share are a few reasons that can make your website a low quality content one. However, you can fix the problem with smart SEO strategies like proper tagging, eliminating unnecessary categories and making your profile pages invisible to unregistered users.

Post By Convonix (1 Posts)

Convonix is a leading internet marketing firm that specializes inSearch Engine Optimization and regularly disseminates research content on the dynamic field of SEO.


Convonix is a leading internet marketing firm that specializes inSearch Engine Optimization and regularly disseminates research content on the dynamic field of SEO.
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Fix Low Quality Content Pages On Your Website

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