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Don’t Let Comment Spam Hurt Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization December 2nd, 2009



Do not Let Comment Spam Hurt Your SEOWe often hear that making a site dynamic and allowing users to be active within a web site is a good thing. Not only for the sake of good content, but also to make your web site more appealing through interactivity. We at TechWyse always recommend the usage of a blog as a means to capture both elements (content and interactivity).

Wherever there is a positive thing, it can often attract a negative reaction. With a utility like a blog, spammers often try to take advantage of a poorly secured commenting system. Blogs can allow users to make comments on each blog, and although positive comments can be a good thing, if you are not monitoring it carefully, spammy comments can creep in and not only make your site look less credible, but it can also harm your organic search ranking.

Comment spam is usually done by site owners who believe it will help with SEO and are usually pretty easy to spot, normally containing one liners or links.

Avoid Comment Spam Abuse

Google recently blogged about Comment Spam at their blog, and offer the following recommendations:

  • Disallow anonymous posting.
  • Use CAPTCHAs and other methods to prevent automated comment spamming.
  • Turn on comment moderation.
  • Use the "nofollow" attribute for links in the comment field.
  • Disallow hyperlinks in comments.
  • Block comment pages using robots.txt or meta tags.

These are all good recommendations and you should check your blog software to see if you can implement any of these suggestions.

If you have checked your web site now and notice lots of spammy comments, it’s not too late. Go through your comments, and delete the spammy ones.  If you use blog software like WordPress make sure to enable the AKISMET plugin immediately!

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Don’t Let Comment Spam Hurt Your SEO

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