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Creating an Effective SEO Strategy for Your Small Business

Search Engine Optimization May 4th, 2012


Creating an Effective SEO Strategy for Your Small Business

It must be nice to work on a marketing strategy for a large corporation. With a massive budget available to you, there are surely times when it seems like there are limitless opportunities. Things are often somewhat different for those involved in running a small business.

When involved in a smaller operation, it’s likely that you have a strong focus on keeping costs down. You need to be able to account for every penny that you spend. This means that you also need to be sure that any investment in marketing will produce a significant level of return.

Why should any of this matter to those of us who are attempting to build businesses that seek to harness the power of the Internet? The answer can be found in the fact that online business is often extremely competitive. If you’re not making the effort to attract customers, then you can be sure that your competitors will be.

Thinking about SEO

Most of us make use of a search engine when carrying out research, or looking to make purchases. Many people use Google, Yahoo!, or one of the rival search engines that are available. All of this has significant implications for small business owners.

If you know that search engines are gateways, through which consumers are accessing the Internet, then it’s clear that your business simply has to have a presence on those search engines. Without such a presence, you’ll find that you will not be able to attract as many potential customers to your website. In effect, this will be holding back your efforts.

Constructing an SEO strategy

But what should your small business SEO strategy involve? One mistake that some business owners make is to target a sector or market that is too broad. This can leave them competing with larger companies. Although this won’t always lead to failure, it’s obviously more difficult to be successful when you’re taking on big rivals, with large advertising budgets.

Does this mean that you should simply forget about your marketing efforts? Instead, it actually makes a lot more sense for you to focus on niche areas. It’s likely that your business has a number of advantages. For example, your staff members may have great knowledge about specific products or services. This is something that can be used to your advantage.

Alternatively, it may be the case that your business provides excellent services within a specific geographical area. You need to think carefully about such strengths. It’s likely that you’ll want them to form the basis of your SEO efforts.

If you’re able to concentrate on such niche areas, then you’ll find that you can actively compete. You’ll be able to establish an online presence that enables your business to gain website visitors, leads and resulting sales.

Post By Keith Barrett (1 Posts)


As a UK search engine optimisation consultant, Keith Barrett works with businesses of all sizes. He believes that the size of a marketing budget is considerably less important than the way in which it is used.

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Creating an Effective SEO Strategy for Your Small Business

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