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5 Ways To Write Effective Keywords

Search Engine Optimization February 1st, 2007


5 Ways To Write Effective Keywords

I like to think of websites very much like a bridge. I say this because a website can act as a bridge that carries visitors to your company! While earning a great deal of revenue is of prime importance for ay company, having a maximum reach at minimum cost is one way of achieving this goal! By ensuring you have well written website copy that includes all your relevant key phrases you can improve your own search engine optimization! There are many factors that determine the success of a website. For the purpose of this article we will discuss the importance of determining keywords and phrases in your copy and content writing.

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Here are five basic tips to remember for creating effective keywords that will boost your popularity and sales. Let’s begin with…

1. Choosing keywords

If the website is the bridge connecting users and potential clients to your services and products, then the keywords are the foundation and building blocks that strengthen your website.

Depending upon what service or product that you’re showcasing, care should be taken that your keywords speak exactly to those products and services.

Do some personal brainstorming—that is, based on your product/ service jot down all kinds of possible phrases and words that you think a search engine user can think of while hunting for a particular product/ service. Even if you think a particular word/ keyphrase is too general – add it! But remember, all these words should be relevant to your websites overall goal.

For example: – You own a boat cruises company which exclusively sells boat cruises and related services. Your site goes by the name of “upstreamcruises.com”. So, during your personal brainstorming you could create words like—

      • Boat cruises
      • Harbour cruises
      • Wedding cruises
      • Corporate cruises
      • Leisure cruises

2. Matching keywords

You could use Google Adwords Keyword Matching Tool or Yahoo! Keyword generation tool to help you determine related keywords—whether they are specific or general in their approach. This is useful because it allows you to place keywords that people are actually searching for which allows you to boost your sales by providing relevant content for genuine search engine users.

3. Don’t write for search engines

Many website owners try to get ranked high on search engines by continually typing the same phrase over and over. My advice is simple; write on your website the same way you would to anyone else. Remember – its the person you are trying to attract the most. You can help the search engine out alot by simply deciding beforehand what your important phrases are and ensuring they are included in your copy.

For Example: Writing Effective Copy to help improve your own search engine optimization can help! SEE I JUST DID IT!

4. Creating relevant page names

While creating a website for a host of products/ services related to wedding cruises etc., ensure that you name your HTML pages with names that are relevant to the page. This will help search engines understand what the pages main focus relates to!

For example: – “upstreamcruises.com/weddings.htm”

5. Checking keywords

It’s imperative that you check your keywords for effectiveness. Set your goals properly. By focusing on phrases that are realistic to get ranked for you will at least have the chance to receive high search engine rankings. Signing up for specific chat forums which discuss Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, can definitely keep you connected to the industry and continually learning!

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5 Ways To Write Effective Keywords

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