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4 Ethical Methods in Building Quality Inbound Links

Search Engine Optimization April 24th, 2012


Building quality inbound links for your site can be a time-consuming and sometimes complicated task. Although a lot of webmasters have opted to creating their backlinks by simply leaving spam comments on various blog posts, the process itself proved to be a total waste of time without getting any SEO value at all. Although there are a lot of ethical methods in building quality inbound links for your site, you have to always consider that it need not always be complicated as how most people see it.

The process of inbound link building is usually time-consuming and could take a lot of effort at the same time. However, there are several means of building quality inbound links which are easy to do, yet still offer the same effectiveness like that of the other methods. To help you get started, here are 4 ethical methods of building quality inbound links for your site.

Create Quality Visuals For Your Content

If you’ve got a knack in creating quality media, then why not bother to share them? People usually love seeing interesting media such as infographics, videos, photos, slide presentations and even memes. It has also been observed that a lot of people love sharing such media across the internet especially within various social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Once your visual content gets shared, these will have the chance to bring in quality traffic to your site as well as quality inbound links. Just don’t forget to leave your link below the created media to allow the passing of link juice from one particular site towards your own.

Make Use of Social Sharing Tools

By incorporating social sharing tools within your website, you are allowing your site’s content to be shared across several social media networks. Whenever someone finds engaging content within your site, they will probably share the content on their own network which therefore increases the visibility of your site’s content. This also provides you with a one-way inbound link to your website’s content.

There are currently a lot of useful social sharing tools which you could use to your advantage. Among the most popular ones are Sociable, Tweet This and Sexy Bookmarks which all feature the capability of sharing your content to a range of available social media networks.

Get Blogging

Creating a blog for your website is one smart move towards generating quality inbound links for your site. Make sure that your blog is something which other people would want to link to. By creating new posts and posting regularly, your site could also be able to rise on the SERPs due to the freshness component of Google’s algorithm. This way, more and more bloggers alike will have the tendency to link to your site. This in turn, will quicken the process of accumulating quality inbound links for your site without much effort.

Maximize your PR Skills and Talents

Press releases are one great means of gaining awareness for any business online. By writing a quality press release about fresh and engaging company news and submitting it to several PR networks, you could be able to get more coverage for your press release while gaining added inbound links for your site as well.

You have to always remember that building quality inbound links takes time and can be somewhat complicated as well. However, with the right set of strategies available, gaining more exposure to your website in the SERPS through inbound links can be done quickly and effectively.

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4 Ethical Methods in Building Quality Inbound Links

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