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4 Common Title Tag Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization October 5th, 2012


4 Common Title Tag Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a full recognized legitimate form of ‘marketing’ for businesses by attempting to push web pages up Google rankings for more visibility and to increase clickability. There are around 200 factors taken into account by Google, and factored into their algorithms to determine the ranking of each webpage in their search engine. One of the most important of these factors is the title tag.

Title Tag? What’s That?

A title tag is the name given to an article. Simple as that. It should describe what the article is about, what information it’s trying to divulge; it should be catchy and clickable, and it should contain keywords.

All of these things are highly important as the title tag is the blue link shown in Google to represent what each article is about. It is the first presentation of your webpage to people searching for certain terms and it’s the thing that’s going to make them click on your article over any other webpage displayed, so it’s vital you get it right.

Not only is it important from a human perspective, it is also the first chance you have to tell Google spiders what you’re article is about so that they can rank you for the correct keywords and search terms. If your title tag doesn’t let Google know where it should be ranking you, then it will have difficulty placing you in a suitable location, and the public won’t even get a sniff of your web page.

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Although it seems obvious what you should put in your title tag, sometimes businesses blow advice out of proportion. As important a tool as SEO is, it should always be remembered that firstly, your web pages should be aimed at human eyes. It’s no good having a webpage that is perfect for Google’s spiders crawling your site, if no living person is bothered about clicking the article.

So what things shouldn’t you do?

1.   No-one likes a Spammer

Spammy titles are ones filled with keywords. Yes it’s very important to make sure Google has a clear idea of what your webpage is about but just filling your title tag with keywords is about as interesting as watching a kettle boil. If you want people to click it, you have to arouse their interests.

Say you’re cloud training services for online tools, don’t make your title tag: ‘online training||cloud training||cloud computing||online cloud training’. This doesn’t make people want to click it as it doesn’t explain anything about what information you’re providing. Why should people click your link rather than anyone else’s? What is this webpage offering that another isn’t? Sell your webpage with titles that are reader friendly such as ‘Cloud Training Services – 6 Month Course for the Price of 3’. It’s clear what you’re offering as it makes readers want to click.

2.   Dragging On

Title tags should be between 50 and 65 characters. No longer, no shorter.

If your title tag runs over the allocated number of characters, it will be cut off on the search result presentation and will finish with ellipsis. This means searchers aren’t seeing all the information you’re hoping to offer in your title and will overlook your webpage.

Additionally, readers tend to scan search results and therefore snappy, concise titles are more appealing as they need to catch the reader’s attention. Writing a long and over complex title tag means that no-one will bother reading it.

On the other hand, a title tag that’s too short doesn’t accurately reflect the information in the article. Just writing ‘Cloud Training Services’ won’t set you apart from any other company offering the same service. Provide a little more detail to entice web users to click on your link.


You need to be persuasive with your title tag to convince people to click on it. This should be done with catchy wording and subtly persuasive marketing techniques.

Attempting to draw consumers to your article using capital letters and excessive inflammatory punctuation is unnecessary and gives an amateur feel to your piece. Yes, people notice your article, the same way someone would notice a car accident happening next to them. It looks messy, obnoxious and immature. Just don’t do it.

4.   Missing an Opportunity for Optimization

So, as previously stated, title tags are a key tool for getting Google to see what your article is about. It’s the prime time to put keywords in. Sometimes people don’t do this. Although is seems like an obvious thing to do, and you can’t believe people don’t think of it, sometimes they just don’t.

The main time this crime comes into fruition is on homepages. Companies tend to think that just having the business name as the title tag is enough. If you are the CEO of Nike, fair play. That’s fine. If you’re not, then no-one is really going to be searching solely for the name of your brand. In order to get that kind of brand awareness, you need to be increasing your search ranking.

To do this, get some keywords in there. That way when people search for ‘cloud computing services’ your homepage will appear on that search, rather than being lost due to the lack of direction for Google on where to place you.

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4 Common Title Tag Mistakes

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