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12 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Blogging is intended to promote one’s ideas and encourage interaction and communication between the readers. Blog commenting is a good strategy of ensuring social proof, new original content and maximizing Adsense profits, since it brings repetitive visitors and increasing exposure. Indeed, frequent and interesting comments make visitors develop trust for a blog and tend to visit it regularly, either to check what’s new or write their personal insight over an issue that has recently come up.

With time, quality writing and dedicated hard work the blogger can build a trustworthy image and develop a loyal readership; that is a community of bloggers or just readers who interact and evolve around a particular niche, be it photography, south American poetry, vegetarian cooking, toddler parenting, android gaming and so on. But still, many bloggers find it very difficult and stressful to get people to comment on their blog posts. The following twelve tips are proven ways of getting more blog posts.

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Informative and Unique Content

Good and informative content is one of the key to a successful blogging. Write good content that will be solution oriented as readers are actually looking for write-ups that will solve their problems. Once their problem is touched, they would definitely like to leave something behind.

Additionally, make your posts carry certain character you know that readers will not find anywhere else. Giving them solution oriented posts with confidential language and charisma which shows them your expertise in that topic is a good way of achieving this.

Go Against The Public Norm

It is natural that the wounded will always respond in order to be free in mind. Certain topic tends to attract more comments. If you write a post on reasons why college degrees are no good, you will definitely get responses from people either defending or supporting your opinion. Don’t be afraid to be controversial from time to time. This will cause extensive threads under your articles.

Use Questions

Coupled with the good content in your blog, asking a question at the end of your blog post will put the mind of the reader in a state of contribution. Your question creates an urge in your visitors’ mind and puts their spirit up. Finish your article with a question or two and the readers will develop something inside that they want to get out immediately. Thus, they hit their keyboard.

Use A Contest

Running a contest on your blog is another way to encourage blog comments where participants will have to make comments on the blog to win a certain prize.

Apply The Ranking Strategy

If your blog is ranking well, people tend to value the content and leave comments feeling honored to have commented on a blog of such rank.

Using Call To Action

Your call to action in any write-up can either encourage readers to take a primary action, leave with no feeling or leave angrily. Make them see the comments as a good way of getting what they want.

Make Things Easy For Your Visitors

People hate being asked to submit their personal details before commenting. Take this away for them and make your site easily navigable. From the experience I’ve acquired the last two years through my photo book coupon blog, I saw that a slick design with a clean structure, without too much flash and java, is the best option.

Also, I suggest you don’t use Captcha in the commenting process. It is definitely a turn off for your readers. Let alone that some Captcha plug-ins malfunction and waste your visitor’s time. You may end up with more spammy comments – use Akismet for automatic filtering – but at least you save your readers from frustration.

Always Reply To Visitors’ Comments

Comments that come in the form of a question and are not replied tend to discourage visitors. They will see your blog as inactive. The visitors want to see the author respond to their inquiries and opinions.

Find A Way To Reward Commenters

Rewarding commenters will boost their moral. There are so many ways you can do this. You can show them special links or feature them in your posts. There are useful plug-ins that will help you reward the loyal readers by featuring their gravatars on the side bar. Humans crave for recognition. Take advantage of this.

Benefit Your Readers with a Link

If you are in the beginning of building your readership, I suggest you install CommentLuv. It is a special plugin that gives your readers the chance to promote their blog through their comments. They can type their blog URL and select one of their recent posts to appear under their comment with a link inside. It an awesome way to have their article titles featured in other blogs and earn links as well. There is a huge community built around commentluv.

Make Provisions For Subscription

This ensures you have constant and consistent blog readers. It gives them a sense of belonging and they will definitely share anything they feel about your posts.

Comment On Other Peoples’ Blogs

This is also a good way of building links back to your blog. Those who come to your blog through your useful comment will like to leave a comment in your own blog as well.

Following these tips will get comments flowing like water. Now, over to you; what are you doing in order to attract more comments to your blog?

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