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TechWyse Among Top Agencies Invited to Partner With Google

Press Releases May 30th, 2013


Google Parter Program

TORONTO – May 30, 2013 – TechWyse Internet Marketing is pleased to become one of Canada’s first agencies to join Google’s new Partner program. The program is an exclusive partnership between Google and leading agencies that exhibit best practice in ensuring customers receive the highest quality results from any Google service.

How businesses can benefit by working with a Google Partner:

  • Professionally set-up Google Advertising campaigns

  • Run optimized Google AdWords campaigns with the latest tools and insights

  • Stay on top of the latest advertising opportunities from Google

A Google Partner can be identified through an exclusive badge on their site (this is linked to the Partner’s profile on Google). The badge recognizes those that excel with Google’s catalogue of products and services. It serves as an indication of experience and professionalism.

From Google’s Partner Page:

“Looking for an expert to help you get the most out of the web? You’ve come to the right place. Connect with the right Google Partner for your location, budget, and marketing goals.”

From TechWyse CEO DJ Kennedy:

“We’ve been working with Google AdWords since its inception. It’s consistently proven to be a great source of revenue generation for both our clients and for TechWyse. It’s very exciting to be in an industry with constant innovation and Google has certainly led the way in this regard. We’re always eager to hear what’s new from Google and becoming a partner gives us direct access to the company’s newest developments.”

Prior to Google Partners, TechWyse had been part of the Google Engage Program. Google Engage has been officially replaced by the Google Partners Program. Those who become partners “will have access to more features and tools to help you grow your business.”

For more information on the Google Partners Program visit google.com/partners.

To check out TechWyse’s Partner Page click here.

Media Contact:

Tyler Shannon
Brand Manager
TechWyse Internet Marketing

Post By Tyler Shannon (8 Posts)


Tyler focuses on website development and special projects. He has a passion for social media, online advertising, and campaign measurement!

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TechWyse Among Top Agencies Invited to Partner With Google

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