TechWyse Announces Release of GPABLO Google Analytics Code Scan & Broken Link Verification Tool

Toronto, Ontario, March 23, 2009 – TechWyse Internet Marketing officially announced the image  release of its Free Google Analytics Verification and Broken Link Scan tool today.

Branded as GPABLO and launched on the domain, the tool will aid the Google Analytics community in both verifying that the javascript code is placed on every page of the website properly and will also scan each page for broken links.

“We saw a need for a tool in the community that would allow people to quickly identify that their analytics code was properly installed on every page.” TechWyse CEO DJ Kennedy commented, “Google Analytics can be extremely powerful but if the piece of code that needs to be on every page is not properly installed then the data you are viewing is not accurate.”

Asked about the interesting branding of the tool Mr. Kennedy explained, “we just wanted to make the tool a little fun and memorable. Sometimes we think only about function without thinking about delivery. Our ‘Mr. GPablo’ brand has been built as someone that will help you with much more than just your Google Analytics code. Many of these new features will be launched in the coming months.”

To learn more about this tool make sure to visit the frequently asked questions section of the GPABLO site.


DJ has been a high profile Internet Marketer since 2001. He is the CEO of TechWyse and as a passionate member of the internet marketing industry is a key contributor on the 'Rise To The Top' Blog.

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    HI Charlie,

    Last time I checked we are all live in a free world with lots of possibilities! Should GM and Chysler have ever started doing business becuase Ford already built the first car? Absolutely not.

    Stay tuned to this tool and you will see lots of fun and exciting enhancements that we felt were not available in the current analytics world.

    Analytics is still in its infancy and we certainly want to be one of the companies contributing to this movement. Bless EPIK and SiteScanGA for being as innovative as they are. But the existence of their tool does not mean no one else can build there own, right?

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    This tool is redundant and misleading.
    Redundant because it repeats (copies?) functionality already existing in and (including broken links) (do a search for broken links for a ton of others) and misleading because it is full of false positives and false negatives.

    It reports Urchin and GA.js together as correct when, in fact, the 2 may be in conflict.

    The similarity between GPABLO’s interface and email and SiteScan’s shows a blatant copy of SiteScan. Since GPABLO cannot copy SiteScan’s code, I wonder just how little effort has gone in to GPABLO.


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      It reports Urchin and GA.js together as correct when, in fact, the 2 may be in conflict. – The scan is run in automatic mode so it will check for both codes. And in your case if it has detected both codes I would advise you to remove the unnecessary one. Your suggestion however is thought provoking and we will take this scenario into consideration when updating the scan engine. Thanks for pointing this out.

      The similarity between GPABLO’s interface and email and SiteScan’s shows a blatant copy of SiteScan. Since GPABLO cannot copy SiteScan’s code, I wonder just how little effort has gone in to GPABLO. – I think I will limit my answers to the main purpose for which the scan was created. a.) The original plan was to use it for scanning our client sites for proper analytics integration b.) Our SEO team pondered if we could polish it a bit and add a broken link checker to further assist them c.) Seeing it as a potential tool that can help others and at the same time help us in improving it based on user inputs prompted us to make it public.

      On lighter note similarities will be very obvious as we are trying to achieve the same thing as sitescanga is doing. Ensure your site has proper analytics code configured. But we assure you that we trying best to see how things can be improved upon and am sure the people at sitescanga are doing the same thing.

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    You make a great comment Britt. I actually wrote an email recently to someone that asked mentioned that tool So let me address why we went ahead and built this tool.

    There are certain limitations that SiteScanGa has such as time between scans, limits on number of scans and waiting time. Since we are a GAAC and have a full development team we decided to build our own tool that didn’t have these limitations.

    Further to this, we also have a firm vision of many more features that we would like to add in the future. Once we are out of BETA we will begin making these additions and everyone will see the vision we have for this tool. Hopefully accomplishes this! We think it will.

    Do you remember when only Yahoo! existed in the search engine community? Then Google came along and it pushed the search engine community to continually improve. We are not comparing ourselves to Google by any means, but we do see a need to continually push the envelope on a tool like this.

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    Sorry Mobs,
    that was Brittany who responded.
    It would still be interesting if someone were to try both and compare them.

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    since the gpablo tool is free, try both and give a critique.

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    I saw another Google Analytics site scan tool online called and I think it may be a good idea to help explain what makes different?

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    wow. I got my report.

    DJ, you rock!

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    Hola, this is a clean cute tool.
    Wow how fast, it checked analytics code of all 247 pages of my site, very fast indeed compared to other similar applications.
    Cheers guys!

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    Great! This is a great feature to prospective internet marketers. Nice going! Your tool serves a twin purpose – And I was looking for a tool that would help to find analytics code in pages.
    Putting your innovation into these sorts of useful practices not only improves the dynamics of your company but heightens your company’s credibility in the internet marketing realm.

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    Just tried GPABLO and must say that it worked perfectly fine. It was easy to use and I got the status report emailed in quick time. Kudos to TechWyse for coming up with a tool like this.

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    Now that’s a useful little tool! GA code monitoring and broken link checking are very important in the proper maintenance of a website and GPABLO makes it all the more easy. And a very novel way of branding too, it’s fun using this one!

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    GPablo- the name itself is unique…Congrats to your team for launching such a real-time tool.
    This is a wonderful tool for checking both things at a time. We have a plethora of link checkers but nothing contributes as exact like this newbie.
    I have tested this tool, sounds promising…
    Anyway this visit was useful.


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