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TechWyse Announces Release of GPABLO Google Analytics Code Scan & Broken Link Verification Tool

Toronto, Ontario, March 23, 2009 – TechWyse Internet Marketing officially announced the   release of its Free Google Analytics Verification and Broken Link Scan tool today.

Branded as GPABLO and launched on the domain, the tool will aid the Google Analytics community in both verifying that the javascript code is placed on every page of the website properly and will also scan each page for broken links.

“We saw a need for a tool in the community that would allow people to quickly identify that their analytics code was properly installed on every page.” TechWyse CEO DJ Kennedy commented, “Google Analytics can be extremely powerful but if the piece of code that needs to be on every page is not properly installed then the data you are viewing is not accurate.”

Asked about the interesting branding of the tool Mr. Kennedy explained, “we just wanted to make the tool a little fun and memorable. Sometimes we think only about function without thinking about delivery. Our ‘Mr. GPablo’ brand has been built as someone that will help you with much more than just your Google Analytics code. Many of these new features will be launched in the coming months.”

To learn more about this tool make sure to visit the frequently asked questions section of the GPABLO site.

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