TechWyse Announcing New Full Service Internet Marketing Bundled Plan Called SMART PLAN

Techwyse Internet Marketing - SMART PLAN

TechWyse Releases New Marketing Service Called ‘The Smart Plan’

Toronto, Canada; TechWyse announced today at its Toronto, Canada based headquarters, the formal launch of "THE SMART PLAN". The unique internet marketing service bundles the full breadth of services that are necessary to achieve maximum benefit for companies online today.

The internet marketing "SMART PLAN", bundles all the relevant services found under the important sections; 1. Planning and Development, 2. Website Marketing & Promotion, 3. Measurement & Tracking. "The services provided are relevant to 90% of business that wants to build a flourish with an effective internet marketing strategy," said TechWyse President, DJ Kennedy

The SMART PLAN is unique in that it bundles a collection of many services all at one cost effective price. TechWyse is able to perform such high level work due to its more than 7 years of experience in process building and its vast resources (of now more than 60 people) committed to both the web development and internet marketing industry.

For further details on the SMART PLAN, please visit the following page, or contact our marketing department at


DJ has been a high profile Internet Marketer since 2001. He is the CEO of TechWyse and as a passionate member of the internet marketing industry is a key contributor on the 'Rise To The Top' Blog.

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    Soniya Shrma 


    This a great article about internet marketing…everything is very informative about  ‘The Smart Plan’ , this is nice thanks.

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    This is good news! I think Techwyse has carved out its empire as the intermediary in the online marketing scene, and changing from a marketing provider to a customized marketing solutions developer will boost the dynamics of the company. I understood that its you DJ who captains the company and its crew to help attain these milestones. I look forwarrd to see more such innovations and development from the people over there!
    Keep going.

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    Successful online business requires a mastery of internet marketing, interactive web site development, and strong relationship building in between visitor & website. And your Smart Plan incorporates all the three. A very few really dig deep to get the right things for the right purpose, and you’re one among them.
    Internet marketing experts agree that anyone who is interested in doing business on the Internet should take time to learn about what it is they are getting into. It seems that your crew is doing a great amount of research in this regard.
    Great work & great effort! Cheers buddies :)

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    Really this is good tidings for the internet marketing industry. Coming from a trusted name like TechWyse, the SMART PLAN is sure to make an impact with its unique bouquet of services. One watches with interest how this is going to change the SEO and SEM scene.

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    Congrats! You guys must have put a lot of work into this. I think it was well worth it. And you launched it at right time as the holiday sales season is coming quickly. I think by doing each of the actions, your clients will end up with an effective marketing plan, creating a marketing plan that can be implemented immediately and begin reaping good returns. I am very curious about how your website analytics process works and how you measure phone calls for different ad campaigns!

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    Online marketing success owes a great deal to a successful combination of numerous factors including planning & development, marketing & promotion, measurement & tracking.etc. Singly, none of this factors can assure online marketing success .Your attempt to bring all these under one single umbrella called Smart Plan is surely a wise move and should benefit the online business community.

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    Yet another innovative product from TechWyse.All too often, a good number of online companies fail to realize their ultimate object of drawing in money from sites they have created with much fanfare and expectation. This smart plan is aimed particularly at this segment .Another great one from you guys; great going.

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    Your smart plan hit the nail on the head! I am sure this will work well for companies help grabbing their internet pie. With regard to the world of online marketing these days you have to think creatively and have a variety of strategies in hand, especially a leading internet marketing company like yours. For instance you must keep in mind the offline world when trying to expand your customer base and to bring new and unique visitors to client’s site.
    Keep going guys


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