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Yahoo! to Show Google Ads

Pay Per Click September 1st, 2008


Google Ads Coming To Your Yahoo! Neighborhood!

There are a lot of mixed feelings about the recent partnership between Google and Yahoo, which seem to be leading many to speak about anti-trust and monopolistic ideals. For those that are not aware, Yahoo! has agreed to show Google ads in tandem with their own ads in about 100 days.  My own first thought (as an internet marketing professional ofcourse!), was how fantastic it would be not to have to use Yahoo’s ad interface ever again! 

This seems like a very smart move on Yahoo’s part.  Their current ad interface is in desperate need of some love.  The fact that we often have to call a Yahoo representative to make a simple change to Ad campaigns is absurd.

This partnership will definitely save Yahoo money and resources now that they can scrap this broken Ad Interface and use Google’s proven and stable one.

Incase this is news to you, here are the highlights:

  • Google and Yahoo announced the non-exclusive partnership back in June.
  • Anticipating anti-trust concerns, Google gave the Department of Justice three months to review the deal
  • The partnership between Google and Yahoo will allow Google to serve up advertisements on Yahoo, alongside Yahoo’s search results.
  • Both Canada and Europe could be further road blocks as they are also investigating anti-trust concerns

The Concern

One of the biggest concerns is that this partnership will give Google’s Ad market a 17% boost, giving Google 77% of the internet search market.  This would give Google the ability to control the pricing of web based advertising, hence all the anti-trust concerns. 

My own opinion is that we are living in a capitalist society.  Google Adwords runs on a ‘bid’ system.  While there is certainly ways that an ‘evil’ company could work these bids, if we can assume that Google will stay by its mandate of being ‘good’ then the benefit will be improved ad quality and an overall better system of ads showing to us.

The other result of this decision?  After all the noise about the new Yahoo! system this seems to be admission of defeat on the latest Yahoo! ad system.  And like I said earlier in this article I certainly second that motion!

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Yahoo! to Show Google Ads

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