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Top Tips for Writing Effective PPC Advertisements

Pay Per Click October 30th, 2007


How to Word It Well

effective ppcBe aware of your target audience, understanding who they are will help you to form ideas about how your PPC ad should be worded. After all, you would not like to pay for web visitors who would ultimately not buy and utilize your services. Be specific in your ad – if you are a regional marketer, specify so in your ad. It’s a good idea to test your word selection rotating the wording in your ad, this way you know which words work best and which words need to be reevaluated

Make Sure to Have a Good Landing Page

When a visitor first visits your ad, they are directed to the landing page. Consider giving importance to your website home page though, however, the users may prefer an internal site landing page, especially is your ad campaign is long and the ad will visited again and again later on.

Test the length and see if it works for you. (Obviously, readers don’t want to get bored reading all that you have crammed in there). Targeting your audience precisely and usage of good, innovative words will help you grab attention.

Choose The Right Keywords

Keyword research is an important aspect for pay-per-click campaigns. This compliments the optimization, and the ability to achieve top rankings in free search engine lists.

You have no limits set on the number of keywords and / or the search phrases in a pay-per-click campaign. You can add as many as you want and gradually remove the ones you don’t need. Don’t ever have keywords that do not relate even remotely to your service or product. Make your ad closely relate to the keywords you chose. Make sure there is no ‘loose relations’ in between the ad and your keyword list.


Create as many ads as you can in a single ad group. Run at least 2 different ads in a week, track them and compare the performance.

Use of Tracking URLs

Tracking URLs are very useful in a PPC campaign. They are quite easy to set up by making use of an identifier in the URL of your landing page, and they allow you to view in your visitor statistics, the activity of pay-per-click visitors to your site.

Measuring The Profitability
Firstly, determine the cost per visitor who visits your site. This is the total profit earned by your website divided by the number of visitors. You can decide the maximum cost you wish to pay for a click on your ad.

What you are achieving is a balance between the ROI or return of investment and the net profit. For this you will need to lower the cost per click. This helps you determine your bidding strategy before you start your campaign.

Online advertising through PPC is here to stay. Advertising pay-per-click through an effective pay-per-click advertising program or a campaign has indeed proven to be an important tool in several businesses-online or otherwise.

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Top Tips for Writing Effective PPC Advertisements

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