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Top 10 Ways To Fail With Google AdWords [INFOGRAPHIC]

The world of pay per click can be a daunting venture for many small-medium size businesses. The thought of wasting marketing budget on clicks from “window shoppers” and “tire kickers” can be enough to turn off any business owner.

Then there are even those businesses who have tried pay per click marketing only to fail to demonstrate a positive ROI.

Optimizing a pay per click campaign takes a specific skill-set and experience. With this in mind we have put together this infographic to expose the common pitfalls of pay per click marketing and to help you avoid them at all costs.

1. Avoid BROAD Geo-targeting

2. Unfocused Display Network Campaigns

3. Uncategorised Ad Groups

4. Low Quality Score on your Landing Pages

5. Unlimited (uncapped) CPC bids

6. Bidding Broad

7. Not Using Keywords in Ads

8. Huge Keyword Lists

9. The Absence of Negative Keywords

10. Running Campaigns Without Conversion Tracking

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