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TechWyse at Google Ad Academy in Toronto

Pay Per Click May 5th, 2011


Yesterday morning we welcomed three guests from Google to our office in Toronto. It was nice to put faces to names as we’ve worked very closely with Google on our AdWords accounts.

The Google Ad Academy event takes place today and is invitation only, so there isn’t a website that we can link to; but the one-day event promises to:

  • Give 1 : 1 access with Google experts where they’ll be teaching us the latest tips and tricks for using AdWords.
  • Show attendees the best ways to use Google’s tools to reach more customers, drive website traffic and generate more conversions.
  • Provide in-depth coverage of Google`s ever-evolving Analytics platform.

Probably the most valuable opportunity will be the 1 : 1 chance to sit down with an AdWords expert right in from of your computer screen and your AdWords accounts!

We’re looking forward to it and we’ll report back highlights next week in our blog.

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TechWyse at Google Ad Academy in Toronto

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