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Setting Up a PPC Campaign in Time for the Christmas Rush

Pay Per Click November 1st, 2012


If you run an Ecommerce business, you ideally need to start thinking about your festive marketing efforts well in advance of Christmas itself. This is much easier said than done, however, and many companies do not even begin to push for greater online sales at this time of year until it’s too late.


If you’ve dabbled in organic SEO, you’ll know that it can be a gradual, time-consuming and often frustrating process. Achieving page one positions for your site is no means fast but as long as you remain patient throughout your campaign and use the right white-hat optimisation tactics, you should see improvement in positions for your targeted search terms in a few months’ time.

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SEO may not be a lot of use to you, though, if it’s already November 1st and you’ve yet to consider your Christmas search engine marketing strategy.

Luckily, there is a viable and extremely effective alternative available to you. As long as you have a good idea of the products you want to target with your search campaign, Pay Per Click advertising can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website just as millions of shoppers up and down the country start to scour the web for gift ideas.

The Benefits of Using PPC Advertising Throughout The Festive Season

  • You can launch and adjust your Pay Per Click advertising campaign in real time. You don’t need to spend months and months perfecting your onsite optimisation and tediously building link after link to your homepage – you can set up your account in a matter of hours and your ads will be live straightaway!
  • You have complete control over your Christmas advertising budget with a Pay Per Click platform. You can choose how much or how little to spend at any given time of day, which means you can place your money into pushing the product (or service for that matter) that you want to perform particularly well in the run up to the holidays. If you run out of money or find that you need to invest in other areas, you can simply switch off your PPC account and return to it when you need to.
  • Programmes such as Google Adwords can help you analyse your ad’s impressions and click through rates. This user-friendly dashboard will also provide you with enough data to determine which areas within your campaign are generating a sound return on investment, and which areas are proving to be a drain on your resources.

Points to Bear in Mind

If you’ve jumped on the PPC bandwagon in time for the Christmas rush, chances are many of your competitors have too. Bidding for ad space will be hugely competitive and your costs could potentially spiral out of control. You also need to consider looking into the techniques that are going to help you save money – for example, you should look into putting together a negative keyword strategy to make sure that your ads don’t appear for irrelevant searches or don’t lead to wasted clicks.

Set your campaign up for the very best chances of success by speaking to a Pay Per Click consultant. He or she will be able to suggest ways of refining your account to ensure your budget is being placed into the right areas at all times.

Post By SEO Essex (1 Posts)

Freelance SEO Essex provides cheap SEO and PPC services to SMEs in the South East of England and across the rest of the UK.


Freelance SEO Essex provides cheap SEO and PPC services to SMEs in the South East of England and across the rest of the UK.
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Setting Up a PPC Campaign in Time for the Christmas Rush

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