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5 Ways Remarketing can Benefit Your Business

Pay Per Click October 21st, 2015


Remarketing is a fantastic tool that allows marketers and businesses to display ads to visitors who’ve previously visited your website.

By placing a cookie on the visitor, we are able to serve them with your ads on other websites they visit. This strategy is a great way to increase conversions from every potential customer visiting the site and is highly recommended for all companies.

Additionally, remarketing allows you to reconnect with past visitors and encourage conversions. If you’re not already doing remarketing, you should definitely consider implementing it for your business. Here, I’m going to share with you 5 benefits of remarketing.


Target  the Right Audience

Nowadays, shopping around has become a really easy process, especially when you’re able to do price comparisons online and read product reviews before committing to any product or service.

Most of the time, visitors who come to your website do not convert on their first visit.

Remarketing is the best way to remind your clients and potential leads that you offer the service they are looking for. It becomes an ongoing reminder of your brand at a very affordable cost. Subconsciously reminding the potential client that you exist ensures that they will remember your name when making their final decisions!

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5 Ways Remarketing can Benefit Your Business

Increased Ad Relevancy


One of the most prominent features of remarketing is its ability to serve ads based on the visitor’s previous actions.

For example, if you have visitor land on your Flowers website and they go to the Birthday Flowers page, you are then able to serve them ads for Birthday Flowers once they leave your site. This is a great opportunity to offer a promotion for that product in order to encourage that customer to complete that sale!

Re-engage and Up-sell Opportunities

Sometimes, customers come to your site but don’t convert or even abandon their shopping cart.

How can you reconnect with these lost opportunities? Well, retargeting gives you the opportunity to reconnect with people who cared to visit your page in the first place.

We know that these people are far more likely to stay on it if they return since already showed interest in your business.

In addition, you can target visitors to your site using Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. This is accomplished by using the list of visitors to your site, then if they search one of the keywords you’re already bidding on, you’re able to bid higher for that keyword in order to ensure your ad is served to them.

If someone has left your site and did not convert and continues to shop, this is a great way to remind top of mind!

Brand Exposure

Google Remarketing is also a great way to significantly increase your brand’s exposure with images that might be more appealing to your customers.

When a client is exposed to your brand multiple times, they become more familiar with it. In turn, they are more likely to buy from you when they are ready to make their purchase.

In fact, because they are exposed to your brand often, they will remember you next time they are looking for similar products or services.

Increased Conversions

Last but not least, the most important benefit, increased conversions.

The ultimate goal with online advertising is to get an interaction out of the end user (ie. form submission, phone call).

Someone who has already spent the time to educate themselves on your service or product is a step ahead of those that are only landing on your page for the first time. These returning visitors are much more likely to convert than a new visitor world.

The benefits of remarketing make it a popular choice for all companies across the Internet when it comes to online marketing campaigns. For these reasons and more, we highly recommend you start remarketing today!

Post By Connie Trepanier (2 Posts)

Connie began her advertising journey in University of Western Ontario, were she qucikly developed a taste for digital advertising, and grew to beilieve as many others do that digital is the way of the future.


Connie began her advertising journey in University of Western Ontario, were she qucikly developed a taste for digital advertising, and grew to beilieve as many others do that digital is the way of the future.
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5 Ways Remarketing can Benefit Your Business

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