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Google Opens Doors to Canadian ‘Google Certified Company’ Status!

Well everyone, it looks like it finally happened. After years of bickering and complaining (including many redial phone calls from TechWyse Managing Partner Daryl Kennedy – me!) in Google’s ear, I think that our Toronto based SEM company helped to affect change for the better for those Internet Marketing and Pay Per Click companies that do business ‘north of the border.’

It is now possible for company’s in Canada to become ‘Google Certified Companies’. Previously the only thing offered to any company outside of the United States that did Google Adwords was the possibility of being labeled a ‘Google Adwords Professional.’ (even if us Canadian companies met the requirements necessary to be classed as a ‘Google Certifed Company!’. (It almost felt discriminatory!)

What does this mean to the rest of the world? Well truthfully, not all that much. It really just gives companies like TechWyse Internet Marketing a little more credibility and shows our client base that we are committed to excellence in the search engine marketing industry.

After probing Google Adwords professional Chrissy Hirsch about our own companies size in the Canadian market she tactfully responded, “We are not at liberty to tell you how big your company ranks in comparison to others but I think it’s pretty safe to say that you are one of the bigger ones in the country.”

Clap, Clap to Google for finally opening the doors to more then capable companies that are still located in North America. TechWyse is set to become one of the first Canadian companies with the ‘Google Certified Company’ logo on their website!Stay tuned for Google Analytics partner information. We are not far behind on that detail either!

For anyone intersted in reading about our own Pay Per Click Services feel free to click here!

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