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Google AdWords Adds ‘Custom Alerts’ to the New Interface

Pay Per Click August 7th, 2009



Google AdWords Custom AlertsIn yesterday’s ‘New Interface Thursdays’ post on Inside AdWords, Google introduced a fantastic new custom alert function for AdWords that will be extremely helpful with monitoring budgets, changes in account performance, and spikes in data, all without having to waste precious time and energy!

Probably the biggest reason why this excites me is that we no longer have to ‘estimate’ when a daily budget expires if a client’s daily budget seems to be drained well before the end of the business day or if it varies depending on the day of the week. More importantly, we won’t have to continually log in to an account in order to see data at certain times of the day. I can receive notices for half the budget being spent, 90% being spent, or 100% – and it’s all sent to me by email!  How amazing is that?

The big problem so far? It’s not active in any of our accounts yet. But I’m not worried, as Google likes to gradually roll out new functions and features instead of suddenly dropping them in our laps.

There are a few screen caps of the new function in the post above. Since TechWyse doesn’t have access to the feature as yet, we aren’t able make any observations of our own. I need my new functions Google!  Once I get them I will give you my own input on the functionality of custom alerts for Google Adwords.

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Google AdWords Adds ‘Custom Alerts’ to the New Interface

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