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5 Simple A/B Testing Methods To Increase Your Ad Revenues

Pay Per Click September 18th, 2013


Many bloggers, as well as publishers, are struggling to increase their online ad revenues. You might be facing the same difficulty to increase the income that you get from your web ads. If you have not already applied A/B split testing, then I suggest you to do so. Why? With simple A/B split testing, you can easily improve your online ad revenues. Here are 5 simple A/B split testing methods to increase your ad revenues:

1. Image vs Text Ads

If you are using AdSense, you definitely need to compare Image vs Text Ads. Google recommends that you enable text as well as image ads, however, this is not correct and we have stats to back up this claim through A/B testing. Certain websites get better CTR on image ads while certain websites generate more revenue using Text ads. You should A/B test to compare and see what works best.

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2. Testing the Ad Placement

You can change the placement of your ads in several different spots. For instance, you can start placing your ads in your header as well as within your blog post. You can also try different spots that you’ve never tried before. For instance, in the middle of your post. Or, you can put your ads in the left sidebar or right sidebar. These changes in the layout and positioning of the ad can make a big difference in the revenue generated.

3. Testing the Ad Size

The size of your ad matters. Why? Sometimes, people are more attracted with bigger ads, and sometimes people are not attracted with those ads at all. It will depend on the website in which the ads are placed (sometimes, the layout of your website will also affect your ad performance). So, you can experiment with various sizes that you can use for your ads. Test different ad size can help you to increase your revenues or not. You can also check this case study by Google, which shows how ad sizes can effect your ad revenues.

4. Testing the Colour Scheme

If you are using AdSense to monetize your website or blog, it is important to experiment with the colour themes of your ads. Your ad colour scheme can give more click-through rate for your ads, therefore increasing your revenue. How to test? Create a variations which matches the colour scheme of your website, or try creating a contrasting version. You can also try keeping the background colour of the ads matching the background colour of your website.

5. Continuous Optimization

Optimization is a continuous process, you will notice a sharp rise in your revenues if are able to create a variation (ad size, location, theme) which works. However, with time the effectiveness of the new variation will decline as your visitors start developing banner blindness around the ads. So, optimization should be a continuous process and you should keep looking for better alternatives even before the performance of the current variation begins to decline.

Those are simple A/B testing methods to increase your ad revenues. If you want to make the split testing process more effortless (although you can always do it manually), you can use a good split-testing software that is designed specifically for website publishers such as Adpushup or Optimizely.

Post By Michael (2 Posts)

Michael is a Social Media consultant offering online branding to local business. He often split tests ads for his clients to get maximum ROI.


Michael is a Social Media consultant offering online branding to local business. He often split tests ads for his clients to get maximum ROI.
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5 Simple A/B Testing Methods To Increase Your Ad Revenues

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