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5 Secrets for Writing a Successful Google Ad

Pay Per Click August 31st, 2012


When you write a Google Ad, you have only a few short sentences to attract the attention of customers and convince them to ignore all the other ads and take action on your ad. Wasting any of that small space available could cost you a sale. The following tips can help ensure that potential customers make their way to your business and don’t surf right by your ads.

Be Specific

Don’t advertise “shoes.” Advertise “top brand athletic shoes” or “low cost stilettoes.” Specificity helps customers who are interested in your product or service to find you. It also cuts down on the number of mistaken clicks from customers who click your link to check out what you’re offering, realize it isn’t anything they’re interested in, and zip away. Since each click costs you money, you want to be sure you’re attracting the attention of serious customers only.

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Be Unique

What do you have that your competitors don’t? Brainstorm with your marketing team to come up with ideas about what makes your business stand out. Then select a few words to brand your company. A great example of a three-word brand comes from Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches: “freaky fast delivery.” With a distinctive tag like that, they make sure they don’t blend in with all the other sandwich shops that deliver.

Use Keywords

Pretend you are a potential customer and think about the words or phrases you would type into a search engine if you were looking for the products or services your business sells. You don’t have a lot of space in your ad, but you can still select two or three keywords or keyword phrases to include. If you’re selling industrial displays, for instance, you might want to use “industrial LCD monitors” or “industrial LCD displays.”

End with a Call to Action

Now that you’ve got your customers hooked with specific information, clever branding, and well-chosen keywords, tell them exactly what you want them to do. “Visit our website for a free insurance quote.” “Buy handmade beaded jewelry.” “Choose from our vast selection of used computers.” Provide a link to a page where the client can actually buy your product. Clients who have to search your website to find what you’ve promised them may get frustrated and surf off to spend money with a competitor.


It’s difficult enough to gain the confidence of strangers without throwing a bunch of typos and weird formatting into the mix. Take some time to proofread and make sure the words in your ad are spelled correctly and that the ad looks simple and inviting. After all, you want to stand out because you’re better than your competitors, not because of glaring errors in your Google Ad.

Post By Michael (2 Posts)

Michael is a Social Media consultant offering online branding to local business. He often split tests ads for his clients to get maximum ROI.


Michael is a Social Media consultant offering online branding to local business. He often split tests ads for his clients to get maximum ROI.
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5 Secrets for Writing a Successful Google Ad

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