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5 PPC Advertising Mistakes You Must Avoid

Pay Per Click August 13th, 2012


5 PPC Advertising Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you are including Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in your search marketing campaign, you certainly know the effect that small changes can have on overall campaign performance. This is why it is crucial to avoid actions that may result in lower conversions or higher costing conversions.

Here are 5 common mistakes that I see in PPC campaigns that you should be sure to avoid:

1. Targeting Too Many Keywords

Yes, it is very tempting to add as many keywords as you possibly can to your campaign, but this is not always a good strategy.

Be very careful to only bid on keywords that actually relate to your core business. If someone clicks on an Ad and can’t find what they want on your website, you are out the money for the click and not receiving any conversions. Try clicking “Keywords” in your campaign. Then click “Keywords” and select “All”. This will show you all the keywords that are driving traffic to your pages.

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If any of these keywords do not look right, get them off by adding them as negative keywords. You will save yourself a bunch of Ad spend.

2. Sending The Ad To The Home Page Rather Than A Specific Landing Page

Sure, sometimes you do want to send the Ad to the home page of your website. However, most of the time you will drastically increase conversions by sending clicks to specific landing pages depending on the keywords.

For example, let’s say your in the business of selling widgets. You sell blue widgets, green widgets, small widgets, and big widgets.

If someone searches for a “small blue widget” you don’t want to send them to the home page and make them search through your site for the correct page. You want to send them directly to your “small blue widget” page.

A good rule of thumb is to always make purchasing very easy for your customer. Every extra step they have to take is costing you money.

3. Not Making Your Contact Information Clear

Yes, this seems like a no-brainer, but I cannot stress how often I see this mistake online. DO NOT make your visitors struggle to find your contact information. As I pointed out in the previous example, the more you make them search for the information they want, the less likely they are going to make a purchase.

Put your phone number, email, contact form, or whatever your method of contact is VERY BIG and noticeable on the page. In fact, this should be the main thing the visitor sees when visiting your website.

Conversion optimization lies at the heart of any successful PPC campaign.

4. Lack Of Testing

Now this tip gets a little more advanced, but should be considered by every PPC marketer.

You should be testing everything about your campaigns. Add code to your website and track with Google Analytics. You should be able to know where a searcher came in and why they left. Then, you can take this information, modify, and increase your conversions.

If you are not consistently testing your search campaigns, you are never going to improve.

5. Not Setting Up Conversions

Conversion tracking is the best way to determine what your money is really getting you. You should have conversion tracking set up on your contact forms, phone numbers, and any other way you collect information.

Then, you apply a value to your conversions. For example, maybe every phone call you get is worth $5.00 to you. Apply this value to the conversion and measure your success rates.

Google Analytics makes this sort of tracking very easy to implement.

Now Go Out and Improve Your PPC Conversions!

Now that you know some of the major mistakes that I see in PPC all the time, you know exactly what to avoid.

Go out there and apply these principles and watch your conversion rates and profit skyrocket.

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This was a guest contribution by Jason from http://www.surveyexaminer.com, a site focused on providing honest and truthful reviews for paid survey panels. Stop by to see which survey panels were rated best and worst, and how you can truly make money online with paid surveys.

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5 PPC Advertising Mistakes You Must Avoid

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