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Six Reasons Google Chrome Should Not Be Out Of Beta

Online Innovation December 22nd, 2008



chromeLogo I realize that we are probably putting way too much time into writing about the Google Chrome browser, so until there is anything else newsworthy this will be our last post on the subject.

Before we close out though, I could not resist to list 5 reasons why Google Chrome should NOT be out of BETA! 

1. Browser Does Not Resize Properly in All Screens

I am one of those people that is on my computer quite a bit.  As a result, I have a laptop and also extend my screen by having a 22′ flat screen.  When I open Google Chrome in a minimized window it works fine but when I click on the middle "expland" button in the top right to make it fit on the entire screen it never works! 


2. Flash Does Not Render Properly Out Of The Box

For a company that breeds simplicity, I was surprised to see that I had to download something to view flash, and even after trying the task was lengthy and confusing.  Also many times I am not even given the option to download the flash and I just get a blank screen!  Imagine the internet newbie trying to catch on!? 


3. Downloading Files is Confusing

Whenever I download a file, I see a little box in the bottom left of the browser that says its downloading.  Then I forget and it never prompts me.  Maybe Im just used to IE but shouldn’t it be pushing the download through when done?  Maybe I’m just slow, but if I am then so are millions of others. 

4. Managing My Bookmarks Isn’t Easy

How do I add a bookmark anyway?  Hmm… I click here, I click there.  I don’t know.  I am sure its possible but I give up trying to find out now. 


5.  Where is the Page Titles?

Hey, I thought Google loved the Page Title for search engine optimization purposes?  Apparently Chrome doesn’t!  When a web page, I can’t see the nice page titles which tell me what the page I am on is all about!  Instead I only get to see the first couple of words in each tab.  Not descriptive enough for this guy!  Both IE, and Firefox show me a nice page title.

IE7 shows me this! 


6. Google Search is Not Included?

Do my eyes deceive me or is the Google Search ‘toolbar’ not included with the browser?  One of the handiest things I have in my browser is the ability to search real easily without having to actually go to Google.  Ironically, somehow Bing search attached itself pretty quickly to my Google Chrome browser. 

Maybe I Am Being Hard On Google Chrome!

Google Chrome does boast a lot of good innovative elements.  It loads super fast, has a nice idea showing the last screens visited during startup and seems to transition from screen to screen nicely. 

It is also a new browser.  I am sure these things will be fixed in due time.  Until then I will continue using IE7 as my favorite browser. (and Firefox as my second favorite!)

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Six Reasons Google Chrome Should Not Be Out Of Beta

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