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The Simple Trick to Send Free Text Messages From Your Computer (2016)

Online Innovation July 25th, 2013


Send Free Text Messages From Your Computer

SMS marketing became popular in the early 2000s as a way to quickly reach people with a brief message containing a call to action. With the rise of smartphones text messages often contained a link to a mobile landing page. However, SMS marketing has often been met with resistance in the same way that people do not like telemarketers.

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However, there are very legitimate uses for SMS marketing for local businesses that have an opt-in subscriber base or say a dentist who would like to remind his or her patient about their upcoming appointment.

Of course this could easily be done by manually texting them from a phone, but that is laborious and it would probably be just as easy to call and speak to them (of leave a message).

In my research, I found a number of services that claim for you to be able to simply type in a message and send it from a website. in my test, none of them worked in Canada despite Canadian cell phone carriers being listed.

Some of those included:

  • Freetxt.ca
  • TxtDrop.com

Another problem with these sites is that they have a lot of ads and you don’t really know whether putting in a number will result in the recipient receiving a bunch of telemarketing calls — not exactly something you want to be signing your customers up for!

The Best Way to Text Message People Through Email

Here is a list for Canadian Carriers (I’ve outlined American carriers below). In the instructions below I’ll explain how to create a list with your client/patient/opt-in subscriber list.

  • Bell Canada – 5551234567@txt.bellmobility.ca
  • Bell Mobility (Canada) – 5551234567@txt.bell.ca
  • Bell Mobility – 5551234567@txt.bellmobility.ca
  • Fido – 5551234567@fido.ca
  • Microcell – 5551234567@fido.ca
  • President’s Choice – 5551234567@txt.bell.ca
  • Rogers Canada – 5551234567@pcs.rogers.com
  • Solo Mobile – 5551234567@txt.bell.ca
  • Telus – 5551234567@msg.telus.com
  • Virgin Mobile Canada – 5551234567@vmobile.ca
  • Koodo – 5551234567@msg.koodomobile.com
  • Chatr – 5551234567@pcs.rogers.com
  • Sasktel – 5551234567@sms.Sasktel.com

Since you probably don’t know the carrier of your recipient you should create a bunch of emails and Bcc. The way to do this is to put them in a Word doc and find and replace 5551234567 with the real phone number (no spaces).

Here is a list of Canadian carrier emails you can copy in:

5551234567@txt.bellmobility.ca, 5551234567@txt.bell.ca, 5551234567@fido.ca, 5551234567@fido.ca, 5551234567@pcs.rogers.com, 5551234567@msg.telus.com, 5551234567@vmobile.ca, 5551234567@msg.koodomobile.com, 5551234567@pcs.rogers.com

Now just find and replace 5551234567 with the real phone number.

That should spit out one of the correct emails that you can just paste into the Bcc field. In my tests, I have not received bounced email from the emails despite being sent to the wrong carrier.

Disclaimer: I searched for Wind, Public, Mobile and Mobilicity but could not find any emails. If you find them please leave them in the comments and I will add them to the lists.

List of American Email to Text Message Email Addresses

  • 3 River Wireless – 5551234567@sms.3rivers.net

  • Alltel – 5551234567@message.alltel.com

  • AT&T – 5551234567@txt.att.net

  • ACS Wireless – 5551234567@paging.acswireless.com

  • Blue Sky Frog – 5551234567@blueskyfrog.com

  • Bluegrass Cellular – 5551234567@sms.bluecell.com

  • Boost Mobile – 5551234567@myboostmobile.com

  • BPL Mobile – 5551234567@bplmobile.com

  • Carolina West Wireless – 5551234567@cwwsms.com

  • Cellular One – 5551234567@mobile.celloneusa.com

  • Cellular South – 5551234567@csouth1.com

  • Centennial Wireless – 5551234567@cwemail.com

  • CenturyTel – 5551234567@messaging.centurytel.net

  • Cingular – 5551234567@txt.att.net

  • Clearnet – 5551234567@msg.clearnet.com

  • Comcast – 5551234567@comcastpcs.textmsg.com

  • Corr Wireless Communications – 5551234567@corrwireless.net

  • Dobson – 5551234567@mobile.dobson.net

  • Edge Wireless – 5551234567@sms.edgewireless.com

  • Golden Telecom – 5551234567@sms.goldentele.com

  • Helio – 5551234567@messaging.sprintpcs.com

  • Houston Cellular – 5551234567@text.houstoncellular.net

  • Illinois Valley Cellular – 5551234567@ivctext.com

  • Inland Cellular Telephone – 5551234567@inlandlink.com

  • Idea Cellular – 5551234567@ideacellular.net

  • MCI – 5551234567@pagemci.com

  • Metrocall – 5551234567@page.metrocall.com

  • Metrocall 2-way – 5551234567@my2way.com

  • Metro PCS – 5551234567@mymetropcs.com

  • Microcell – 5551234567@fido.ca

  • Midwest Wireless – 5551234567@clearlydigital.com

  • Mobilcomm – 5551234567@mobilecomm.net

  • MTS – 5551234567@text.mtsmobility.com

  • Nextel – 5551234567@messaging.nextel.com

  • OnlineBeep – 5551234567@onlinebeep.net

  • Public Service Cellular – 5551234567@sms.pscel.com

  • PCS One – 5551234567@pcsone.net

  • Qwest – 5551234567@qwestmp.com

  • Rogers AT&T Wireless – 5551234567@pcs.rogers.com

  • Satellink – 5551234567.pageme@satellink.net

  • Southwestern Bell – 5551234567@email.swbw.com

  • Sprint – 5551234567@messaging.sprintpcs.com

  • Sumcom – 5551234567@tms.suncom.com

  • Surewest Communicaitons – 5551234567@mobile.surewest.com

  • Sumcom – 5551234567@tms.suncom.com

  • Sprint – 5551234567@messaging.sprintpcs.com

  • Surewest Communicaitons – 5551234567@mobile.surewest.com

  • T-Mobile – 5551234567@tmomail.net

  • Tracfone – 5551234567@txt.att.net

  • Triton – 5551234567@tms.suncom.com

  • Unicel – 5551234567@utext.com

  • US Cellular – 5551234567@email.uscc.net

  • US West – 5551234567@uswestdatamail.com

  • Virgin Mobile – 5551234567@vmobl.com

  • Virgin Mobile Canada – 5551234567@vmobile.ca

  • Verizon – 5551234567@vtext.com

  • Western Wireless – 5551234567@cellularonewest.com

  • West Central Wireless – 5551234567@sms.wcc.net

Lastly here’s a list you can paste into Word and do a find and replace switch

“5551234567? with the real phone number.

5551234567@sms.3rivers.net, 5551234567@message.alltel.com, 5551234567@txt.att.net,5551234567@paging.acswireless.com, 5551234567@blueskyfrog.com,5551234567@sms.bluecell.com, 5551234567@myboostmobile.com, 5551234567@bplmobile.com,5551234567@cwwsms.com, 5551234567@mobile.celloneusa.com, 5551234567@csouth1.com,5551234567@cwemail.com, 5551234567@messaging.centurytel.net, 5551234567@txt.att.net,5551234567@msg.clearnet.com, 5551234567@comcastpcs.textmsg.com,5551234567@corrwireless.net, 5551234567@mobile.dobson.net,5551234567@sms.edgewireless.com, 5551234567@sms.goldentele.com,5551234567@messaging.sprintpcs.com, 5551234567@text.houstoncellular.net,5551234567@ivctext.com, 5551234567@inlandlink.com, 5551234567@ideacellular.net,5551234567@pagemci.com, 5551234567@page.metrocall.com, 5551234567@my2way.com,5551234567@mymetropcs.com, 5551234567@fido.ca, 5551234567@clearlydigital.com,5551234567@mobilecomm.net, 5551234567@text.mtsmobility.com,5551234567@messaging.nextel.com, 5551234567@onlinebeep.net, 5551234567@sms.pscel.com,5551234567@pcsone.net, 5551234567@qwestmp.com, 5551234567@pcs.rogers.com,5551234567.pageme@satellink.net, 5551234567@email.swbw.com,5551234567@messaging.sprintpcs.com, 5551234567@tms.suncom.com,5551234567@mobile.surewest.com, 5551234567@tms.suncom.com,5551234567@messaging.sprintpcs.com, 5551234567@mobile.surewest.com,5551234567@tmomail.net, 5551234567@txt.att.net, 5551234567@tms.suncom.com,5551234567@utext.com, 5551234567@email.uscc.net, 5551234567@uswestdatamail.com,5551234567@vmobl.com, 5551234567@vtext.com, 5551234567@cellularonewest.com,5551234567@sms.wcc.net

I recommend using a Google Drive spreadsheet to keep track of all the email variations. If I’ve missed any carrier emails please leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

One last note, the subject line and body of your email or “text” will be Merged, so it’s probably best to just use the body.

Thanks to Computer Hope for providing the most of the emails listed in this list. I hope that my instructions on how to use this for customer service and opt-in marketing helps you out!

Please feel free to connect with me on social media @strategyinventr or leave a comment below!

Post By Steve Toth (119 Posts)

Steve is an industry recognized SEO expert who has been published in Moz. He is an audiophile and loves all things internet marketing. Steve enjoys working on the conceptual side of SEO.


Steve is an industry recognized SEO expert who has been published in Moz. He is an audiophile and loves all things internet marketing. Steve enjoys working on the conceptual side of SEO.
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The Simple Trick to Send Free Text Messages From Your Computer (2016)

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