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How to Avoid the Negative Impacts of Modern Technology on Our Children

Children love technology. They are two peas in a pod. It has been like that since the first beige-colored desktop computers and Atari game consoles entered our homes.

And that’s a good thing. They need to make a living later, in a world where business will be done almost exclusively online. We need to prepare our offspring. How else will they make it in a society that is already so digitalized?

BUT it’s important to do some research on the positive AND negative effects of technology. It will convince us of the urgency of being aware and staying alert. There are many child abuse essay samples all over the internet. Some essay topics need more of our attention than others. This is such a life-changing topic. For sure, as parents, we welcome examples of how to make the best decisions possible.

When uttering child abuse, a shock goes through our system. Don’t we, by using this horrible term, exaggerate a potential problem? Well, no, far from. Let’s see why:

What are the possible negative impacts of technology?

There is a big difference between educating our kids with the use of technology and leaving their education entirely to phones, tablets, iPods, television, streaming video, computers … out of breath now. We want to avoid:

All good and well. But what can we do to make sure technology helps them instead of turning them into freaks? We don’t want sweaty pillows and sleepless nights.

7 ways parents can counter the negative effects of technology

1)      Read yourself in. In case we don’t know where to start, free essay samples will guide us through every single step.

2)      Take part. A good idea is to watch television together, in the sense that we learn and enjoy together. Compare it with playing board games as a family. But Avoid this becomes the only activity and quality time we spend. There should be plenty of time invested in live-action.

3)      Avoid isolation. When you don’t use technology as a babysitter, but use it to teach your kids, they will benefit from it. Make the bridge between both worlds. And you will be interacting with your kid.

4)      Be reasonable. Some parents think they should keep their children away from technology. Completely. Amongst them are some of the founders of many modern media. That’s a good idea when the kids are under 2 years old. You are not abusing your kid if the technology is not the only world he or she is living in.

5)      Kids are no robots. They need guidance. Their brains need to grow, not experience a meltdown. There is no control-alt-delete function on your kid to make things all right again.

6)      Watchdog. Keep an eye on what they’re doing. Don’t leave them all day living in cyberspace, unmonitored. How else can you know what their innocent minds are soaking up?

7)      Creativity. Leave room for them to develop their own imagination. This is the fundament of creativity.

Conclusion on how to keep our kids safe and healthy

It’s quite understandable to sometimes leave your kids keeping themselves busy for a while. No parent is a superhero. You need time for household choirs, to make shopping lists, or just to relax a bit. As long we don’t drop them in front of a screen until their eyes turn red, it’s okay.

Children really need physical exercise. Playing in the fresh open air and climbing trees is a must. They need to get tired. They need a good deep sleep.

There must be interaction with friends from flesh and blood. And with you. We need to find a balance. Doing so, we can relax and enjoy seeing our happy children grow up with technology.

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