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Google Adds Virtual Keyboard To Search

Online Innovation May 4th, 2010


Google Adds Virtual Keyboard To SearchHere is good news for non-English speaking searchers who use Google. Did you ever want to search for something on Google in your own language? Google has rolled out an easier way to do this. Google has integrated  a new feature that uses virtual keyboards in Google Search.

This new feature allows you to formulate search queries in your own language. You can find this new small keyboard icon on the right of the search box (except in Arabic) of the Google search homepage or search result page. Clicking on this button will bring up a virtual keyboard that can be controlled either by using your computer keyboard or by clicking on the virtual keys on the virtual keyboard  itself.

This facility is available in 35 languages including Alabanian, Croatian, Greek, Arabic, Thai. Virtual keyboard can be helpful for people who use one of the many non-Latin script-based languages that require special characters such as Arabic, Greek, and Thai. For those who want to experiment with it here is Google’s step by step explanation on how to use the virtual keyboard.

Google Virtual Keyboard

Practical Uses For Google Keyboard

Suppose you are away on a holiday in Thailand, and you want to browse to get some information.  The keyboard however, looks completely foreign to you as it is in the local language. This is where the Google virtual keyboard saves you.  Now all you need to do is use the virtual keyboard (as long as your language is one among the 35 which supports the virtual keyboard facility.) 

With this small addition Google has made a big difference to the search experience for both the non-English user and the English user that is searching in foreign areas. As you can see – Google continues to organize the world's information!

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Google Adds Virtual Keyboard To Search

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