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Why Mobile SEO is a Must for Businesses

Mobile Marketing August 19th, 2015


mobile seo a must

As people rely more and more on their smartphones and mobile devices, businesses are looking for ways to cater to these new habits. With mobile usage rising, the need for mobile SEO is a must for businesses looking to improve their sales and conversions. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, optimizing for mobile is no longer an option. The significance of mobile search engine optimization is mounting day by day.

mobile seo a must

Shifting Focus to Mobile

With technology advancing, the way people are using the net has certainly changed. From desktops to laptops and now, mobile devices and tablets, the chance in technology continues to create better devices for users to enjoy their web surfing.

The rapid growing fame of smartphones, as well as its record breaking sales figures, indicates that the entire world is shifting its focus to mobile internet.

With mobile devices, users are able to search for their needed information at the tips of their finger. Although many businesses are seeing the shift towards mobile, they are neglecting the importance of optimizing their marketing for mobile.

More Than Just Surfing and Browsing

Mobile search optimization’s future is filled with incredible excitement. In fact, there are new developments taking place in the mobile technology. With search engines improving their algorithms, it will definitely be a challenge for sustaining the same ranking levels when other businesses are making changes for mobile.

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People are using their mobile devices for purposes more than just surfing and browsing alone. They’re utilizing the GPS and WiFi functions to do location based searches. Whether it’s lo0king for the closest Japanese restaurant in the area or the best hair stylists near me, they’re using mobile devices to solve their immediate problems.

People are no longer just using their mobile devices for social media purposes, but also to obtain real-time results for their micro-moments.

Getting Mobile SEO Right

local mobile seo

When crafting strategies for your business to get the search engine optimization efforts correct, you should never overlook the power of mobile SEO, especially during the rise of mobile usage. The trick is to make Google happy and follow good SEO measures that will boost  your SEO success. In fact, mobile apps, mobile ads, mobile SEO, and email marketing campaigns that are optimized for mobile have been important elements in creating a successful mobile strategy.

The manner in which people access data today has changed tremendously. Mobile friendly websites indeed has turned into a necessity to help a business grow and reach out to the worldwide audience. Along with being convenient for mobile users, it should be future-proof, Google-friendly, and compatible with all resolution and screen sizes.

Another vital element is to use Google My Business. If a business owner wants to ensure that searchers have access to the correct information about them, allow searchers to easily find them on Google Maps, and be able to get in touch via phone or email, Google My Business is definitely needed for the success of local mobile search.

Advantages of Mobile-Friendly Designs

If you’re still wondering why you should get a mobile-friendly website for your page, think about the conversions and sales you might be missing out on because users are leaving your site.

Here are several ways your business can benefit from a mobile-friendly design:

  • Enhanced search engine performance
  • More customer engagement
  • Competitive market advantage
  • Quicker page loading times
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Increased time spent on a site
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved user experience
  • More website traffic

Mobile SEO Tools 

Similar to any marketing strategy, there are endless tools in the market that can help you determine how effective your mobile SEO strategies are. In fact, it’s important to determine whether or your not your websites are mobile-friendly.

Below is a checklist comprising of the best resources that will help you further dive into mobile search engine optimization strategies.

  • Google Mobile Friendly Test – Google has introduced an Mobile-friendly test to help you understand how your website is performing on mobile. It will lists out several issues that can be addressed by your web developers as well.
  • Screenfly – To help a person understand the ways of configuring a website for different devices, you can test your website on QuirkTools’ Screenfly to view your website on a variety of devices.
  • Feed The Bot – This tool will help to diagnose mobile-friendly issues and provide you a scoring for different elements, like performance and user experience. The site will also comprise a detailed analysis on diverse mobile search engine optimization functions.
  • Mobile Emulator – This is another great tool that allows you to see how your website looks on a variety of mobile devices.
  • Responsive web design testing tools – The responsive web design testing tools has been specifically designed to aid with testing a responsive site, while designing and building it.
  • Moz Local – Moz’s tool allow users to check their business listings. Users can also use the tool to create and update their listings with accurate information.

A Fundamental Necessity for Businesses

Nowadays, everyone is carrying a smartphone or mobile device wherever they go. Whether you’re a business professional, mother, entrepreneur, grandparent, teenager, and even a young child, people are using mobile devices for both business and personal leisure.

The power and use of mobile devices will only continue to rise, as technology continues to advance and create mobile devices that get better and better.

Thus, businesses need to cater towards to this technological trend and optimize mobile strategies that can capture these audiences.

Though mobile and desktop SEO share certain similar traits, mobile goes beyond the requirements of PC with additional technical needs, opportunities, and considerations.

SEO for mobile has taken a tall and has also displayed desired results. Hence, mobile search engine optimization is definitely here to stay and in order to stay ahead of your competition, you can’t neglect mobile SEO for your business.

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Why Mobile SEO is a Must for Businesses

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