Why Mobile SEO is a Must for Businesses

Why Mobile SEO is a Must for Businesses

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For both small and large businesses, local searchers make up a large number of their customers. With so many similar businesses offering similar services, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. That’s where Local SEO comes in.

Local SEO leverages “near me” and proximity searches, so people near your business find you before your competitors. Customers tend to look for businesses near them for ease of convenience — 46% of all Google searches are influenced by a local need or want. As well, 72% of consumers that did a local search visited a store within five miles.

At TechWyse, we know it’s important for local customers to be able to find you. If you’re getting lost while competitors are getting found, Local SEO can help.

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Local SEO optimizes your business to provide instant information for local consumers searching for your product or services. It affects searches that include “near me” or the city in a Google search, or just being close to where the business is located when searching.

Being found by your customers is especially crucial for industries like restaurants, plumbers, locksmiths, clinics, dentists, pet services, mechanics, lawyers, and more. Local SEO can help you stay ahead of the competition and ensure you’re found with ease.

When a local search is done, Google displays a map with the most relevant locations at the top of the search results, ahead of organic searches. This is a highly coveted position to have and can influence your position on Google Maps and mobile searches. This can only be achieved through local SEO.


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How local seo works

At Techwyse, we use our expert understanding of what drives local searches in hand with what you offer to help you reach the top of the results page. To achieve that, we will:

  • Claim and optimize your Google My Business listing(s)
  • Ensure every detail of your location(s) is consistent across all important channels, including your website
  • Leverage all relevant business directories for added exposure

Ensuring that your business is listed in the right places online and with accurate business details is what drives Local SEO. Correct and consistent business information — such as your business name, address, phone number, and website — increases your business’s legitimacy in the eyes of Google.

Our SEO team will ensure that your business information is correct and optimized across online directories and Google My Business so that potential customers can always find you.

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    As per recent data, 63% of users search for business from phones. This means that most of the traffic comes from phones. So it is important to keep your website responsive. Moreover, the recent introduction of the core web vitals algorithm by google gives priority to Websites whose users and page experience is good. Thus, SEO, page experience and high CTR all helps to get higher ranking in search engine.

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    Now a days it’s more important for corporates to have a mobile-friendly website. Not only can it help customers reach you more easily when they’re on the go, but it will soon access search engine optimization.

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    I absolutely love this blog! I am also very grateful for that list of mobile SEO tools. Although my website is already responsive, I hate how different it looks sometimes on a cell phone compared to the desktop or laptop. I can’t lie and say I haven’t been more focused on the SEO of my website through laptop and desktop viewing, but I’m definitely going to start optimizing for mobile usage.

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    i agree with most of the points given for converting a site into mobile friendly as in the coming days more users are switching themselves into mobile searchers. and at the same time we cannot rule out desktop users still you can find large businesses yet to be explored. take an example of flipkart, the moment they made the site products visibility only in mobile their traffic crashed….

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    The thing with mobile strategy is to not forget that usage of Internet as a whole has changed, and users’ expectations as well.
    For example, back in 2005 and PDA where dominating the market, rarely – if ever – you will expect to see something on your PDA and then modify it at home on your computer. PDA is one device, PC is another, connection between them is minimal. Also, switching computer was an hassle at that time.
    Now, switching PCs should be assumed, because some owns multiple computers, while some others rely on the cloud, or use friends’ PCs, but ALSO switching devices type like from smartphone to PC or PC to smartphone or whatever. So this is not only a focus on mobile that should be done. This is a focus on website design both on PC and mobile as a whole that should be done.

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