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What Exactly is #MyBlogU.com? @MyBlogU

Internet Marketing July 16th, 2014


What is MyBlogU.com

What is MyBlogU.com

Crowdsource your content ideas! How cool is that? Yes, this is what MyBlogU all about. MyBlogU is the innovative community of writers and bloggers who are eager to exchange their case studies, digital assets, expertise and knowledge to help each and get help in return!

Ann Smarty should be able to leverage the massive following she has to make MyBlogU a huge success. It may take some time, but already it’s proving to be a great resource for content creators and those willing to share their expertise.
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What MyBlogU offers?

  • Crowd-source your EPIC content idea
  • Get cited: Build your personal brand!
  • Promote your digital assets

We have many SEO communities which offers high value to marketers. Communities like Inbound.org and GrowthHackers.com allow marketers to share, discuss and promote their content. So the question is what is the difference between MyBlogU and these communities?

MyBlogU is:

  • Not a place where we submit links!
  • Not a place for spamming.
  • Help authors to write quality/authoritative content.
  • Get more ideas from other authors/marketers
  • Buildup data for the content
  • Build good rapport with other authors

and much more!

So who is behind this awesome idea? It’s none other than Ann Smarty, Co-founder of VCB + Brand manager@NinjasMarketing.

When I heard about this medium, I was very excited to test this out and once I did that I was very satisfied and really amazed by the concept. I then thought to share my experience and guide other marketers to try this platform.


In this blog, I have explained the major features and step by step process to use this platform. So let’s get into it. It’s simple and easy, you can register via Twitter, Facebook or by filling a simple form. Confirm your email address and once you did that login to the dashboard

***Updating your profile after you’ve logged into the system with your Facebook, Twitter and G+ profile ids and is mandatory.

Add Your Sites

You can add your site and or the sites in which you are contributing.  Once added, you can select whether this has to be shown publicly or private.



If you are owner of the blog, uncheck the option “I am not the owner, just a contributor” then verify your site by following shown methods. The easy way is email verification, where you need to send mail to name@yourdomain.com.



MyBlogU – Primary Classifications



  • Brainstorm
  • Interviews
  • Media

1Brainstorming is the section where you can add your own projects to ask the community for help. You can ask for ideas or resources for your topic. This is an excellent place where you can project idea and request for more ideas from fellow community members.

This is the place where you can meet new people, their assets, idea and their their experience.




This is really cool section that has become my personal favourite. At TechWyse, I do interviews with well known marketers and I think this section is going to add more value for self branding and also for finding new prospects. I see many opportunities in this section, taking part in others interview and getting mention/link in others blog will definitely increase personal authority in industry.


The Twitter sign-in, in the title of the topic indicates that “This interview will have public Twitter chat and all the contributors will be invited! Great way to get additional exposure and new followers!”

You can even do a group interview which is a great way to create unique content all while getting experts opinions. So start building your authorty in your industry and start building relationships.


This section contains visual assets created by community members. You can find infographics, cheat sheets and other graphics and you can offer your blog to publish these visual assets. Also there is an option to upload your own visual assets and you can get referenced when the asset is published.


To sort the request in each of the three main sections, MyBlogU has categories depending upon the major industries. This easily allows users to find specific requests under different industries.

3Request Area

This section allows you to sort request and post new requests. The options are “All Request,” “My Ideas,”“My Request,” “Archive” and “Submit New Project – Free!” I hope they will make it paid soon 🙂

The 4 and 5 are help and search option.


Writing a blog? Ask the community!

    • Click on the “Submit New project – Free” button in header section.
    • Fill the form with the needed details and add your request in “Request text” area.


  • Once you click “submit” the request will appear in the dashboard.

Are you an expert?, contribute your ideas

    • Select the request for which you want to sent your idea or participate.
    • Click “send your idea!” button.
    • Add your idea in the editor and send it to the author.
    • After that you can see update in that request which you can see in your dashboard.


  • Clicking on the highlighted section will show you the idea which you have sent.
  • Once the author notices your idea, the author can directly PM you.


How MyBlogU is different from MyBlogGuest?



Will Matt Cutts Penalize MyBlogU like he did with MyBlogGuest ?

The question here is will Matt Cutts penalize a community where people exchange their ideas? The answers is: no. If that is the case then there are various communities which should have been penalized by now.


MyBlogU is a community where marketers share their ideas, thoughts, build relationships and moreover help each other to grow.

“An entity cannot just penalize group of people sharing ideas!”



SEO community reactions

Wishing all the very best to Ann Smarty and to the team behind MyBlogU.

Post By Christy (32 Posts)

With years of experience in the internet marketing industry, Christy prefers to focus on; Analytics, CRO, SMM, Local SEO and Link Earning. With search becoming more focused on local and personalization, Christy believes companies that capitalize on these changes will eventually emerge on top.


With years of experience in the internet marketing industry, Christy prefers to focus on; Analytics, CRO, SMM, Local SEO and Link Earning. With search becoming more focused on local and personalization, Christy believes companies that capitalize on these changes will eventually emerge on top.
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What Exactly is #MyBlogU.com? @MyBlogU

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