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This Week: Google Assistant Language Update, Performing a Local SEO Audit, Google for Jobs, Chrome Version 64 Update, and YouTube Analytics Cut

This week in internet marketing, we’re covering Google Assistant adding several new languages, Google’s new job board, why YouTube is cutting down on demographic data available in reports, how to perform an SEO audit in 44 minutes, and why Google Chrome’s latest update is automatically cleaning up messy URLs.

Google Assistant To Get Multiple New Languages, Distribution and Skills

Google Assistant will soon be able to speak 30 languages, increasing from the eight currently available, and eventually reach 95% of all Android users around the world. The first languages to be rolled out in the expansion are Swedish, Thai, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Hindi, and Indonesian.  

There will also be multilingual capability, meaning your settings can be set for English while you’re at work, then switch to French once you’re at home. The first languages introduced for multilingual support are English, French, and German.

This news comes as Google is planning deeper integrations of Assistant across all Android devices. Originally, deep integrations for Google Assistant were only available on their Pixel mobile phones.

Google’s ultimate plan as part of this move is to build on their position as the largest computer platform (Android) and compete with Apple and Amazon in creating a cross-device ecosystem (encompassing TVs, phones, cars, and smart speakers) to “lock in” customers.

Google Launched Its Own Job Search Engine

Google is expanding into the employment market with its own job search engine simply called Google for Jobs.

Their job board will incorporate machine learning-trained algorithms to sort listings from a range of employment sites like Monster, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

In Google for Jobs, machine learning will provide you with the most comprehensive job posting results for the industry you’ve selected. It also incorporates local search for keywords like “jobs near me”.

How To Perform A Complete Local SEO Audit For Your Clients

TechWyse SEO Director Elijah Vieau was featured in Vendasta’s easy-to-follow instructional guide to conducting a comprehensive local SEO audit in just 44 minutes. In 12 steps, you will learn how to: audit keywords, audit links for quality and quantity, audit schema-markup for local search, audit image SEO, check website speed, and much more.

Eli explains why an initial local SEO audit is vital to the long-term health and success of your site. He also touches on how the audit explained in the post is applied in an agency setting for clients of various sizes and industries.

YouTube Analytics Demographics Report To Contain Less Data

YouTube creators will soon have less insight on their audience. The platform will be limiting the data in demographics reports in order to protect the privacy of viewers, although a considerable amount of data will still be available.

Upcoming changes:

Google Chrome Will Automatically Clean Up Messy URLs

Messy URLs are too common, so in Google’s latest Chrome update, version 64, the browser is cleaning them up before they’re shared.

Chrome will automatically trim all unnecessary parameters when a URL is shared from the built-in ‘Share’ menu. The browser will also remove anchor tags that trigger a page to load at a set location. For example, a link that has the page jump part-way down rather than at the top. However, you will still be able to manually copy the URL from the address bar for the original form.

The reason for this function in Chrome version 64 is to clean up referral links when a user clicks through to another site. While long string URLs are great for data collection, they look messy when shared on social media or in an email.

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