This Week: Driving Social Engagement, Adding User-Generated Content, and Engaging Display Type

This Week: Driving Social Engagement, Adding User-Generated Content, and Engaging Display Type

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most insightful and spectacular articles from across the web. We’re looking at the power of user-generated content, as well as major SEO mistakes, and driving social engagement. We’re also looking at the magic of custom combination, and engaging display type.

How Brands Use User-Generated Content: 3 Interesting Examples


Continuously rolling out new content can be an extremely cumbersome ordeal for most companies, despite knowing the importance of great content for their brand. This article describes the benefit of user-generated content and why it makes so much sense to incorporate this strategy into any content marketing plan. Heidi Besik explains that "brands have seen up to a 28 percent lift in engagement when users are exposed to UGC." With evidence like this, it's no wonder why brands are starting to view their customers "as an extension of their content team," as Heidi mentions. By branding your customer journey with a hashtag or contest, you're creating an experience that promotes your brand without putting in any major legwork. It's really the definition of a win-win in the content world.

5 Easy-To-Miss SEO Mistakes Blogs Make 


You might read ten articles a day misinforming you about SEO best practices, but how do you distinguish what to follow and what not to follow? Well, one sign you're doing SEO wrong is if your content is not performing well despite your great subject matter and impeccable writing style. This article highlights 5 mistakes you might miss when writing your content including unoptimized keyword structure, inconsistent internal links, poor page copy, unoptimized images and videos, and poor content promotion. It's necessary to audit your blog or content marketing strategy when you can and find out if you're missing these easy-to-miss mistakes before blaming your poor search results on poor content.

Driving Engagement Through Social Media Content


If you're one of those social media haters, stewing in your office, reluctant to make a change in the social space -- then you haven't read the facts. Kunjal Panchal makes it known that "there are 2.8 billion social media users globally in 2017." This means that if you're nowhere to be found on social media, you are missing a huge (2.8 billion people huge) opportunity for your business. A few tips to produce more engaging social content from Kunjal includes using images instead of text, using high-quality images, creating infographics, sharing customer reviews, and more! You can merge your social strategy with content, SEO, and email marketing if you are familiar with the landscape, and, once you do, you're ready to make waves in the social space.

Tap into the Magic of Custom Combination Remarketing Lists


According to Brandan Hummell, "keeping remarketing lists exclusive within the same campaign/ad group is no easy task. Without a way to prevent overlap, things get muddled: performance, bidding, audiences, etc." With that being said, there is a solution! You can use custom combination audiences to: combine your audiences, make certain groups exclusive, and improve RSLA targeting. You have a lot of creative freedom when you're looking to form custom combinations and the options really become endless. However, Brandan notes that Google doesn't make Similar Audiences for custom combination audiences, only the root audiences. Read more about custom combination remarketing lists in the article above to really improve your PPC strategy and your RSLA targeting drastically.

5 Techniques for Engaging Display Type


What does your typography say about your brand? According to Nick Babich, it can say a lot, and this is why big brands are starting to use dramatic typography to convey a feeling to the reader. A few techniques discussed in the article above are simple but dramatic, creative uses of typefaces, decorative typefaces, lettering, and superimposed over elements. Focusing on lettering specifically, this type of typography really stands out because it creates an authentic, creative look -- as if someone has handwritten your website. In your brand standards, it's important to pay special attention to your typography and find out how you can stand out with your words in a creative way.

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