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Tips for a Successful Twitter Profile

Internet Marketing May 23rd, 2009


Twitter ProfileTwitter as we all know has become the latest rage amongst the general population with more and more people including celebrities joining its ranks. No micro blogging site in the present era can ever lay claim to the phenomenal growth that Twitter has achieved within such a short span. Each and every one of us that uses Twitter knows fully well the enormous benefits that Twitter could bring about. So it would only be proper that we do our home work well and prepare a successful Twitter profile that would help us ensure maximum business potential from our Twitter association.

Here are some of the things that a successful Twitter profile will include!

Include Your Bio in the Twitter Profile

The first and foremost step in creating a successful Twitter profile is to include your bio in the Twitter profile. Statistics made available from Twitter grader that collected data from over 1.6 million Twitter accounts reveal that Twitter profiles that contain a bio will attract eight times as many followers as one without a bio. The statistics further go on to reveal that a profile with a bio will average over 120 followers as against 15 followers by one without it.  So it is of utmost importance that your profile contains your bio with all the important elements so that you stand every chance of attracting and building rapport with followers of the same genre having similar likes and preferences.

Though a Twitter profile averages only 140 words there is no reason why your bio should be ignored.  If you do ignore this vital element you lose out on potential followers and a golden chance to develop relationships on a personal level. Reveal your likes and dislikes, interests, preferences, hobbies, experiences etc and you stand every chance of developing intimate relationships with like minded individuals. You will soon realize that the growth in the number of your followers is in proportion to the amount of info you include in your bio.

Add The Twitter Link To Your Website!

It has also been shown that adding a link to your website where the type and nature of your business is clearly described would prove enormously useful. This gives your followers a peep in to your activities and answers the question “what are you doing”.   In short, it allows visitors on your corporate site to go to your Twitter site which will often ‘humanize’ your company.

If some of your followers are also in the same line of business as you are, the chances of getting business association is indeed brighter. It also be a good idea to create two Twitter accounts: one for your personal use and the other for promoting business interests.  In such scenario there is then no need to mix business with pleasure.  Your personal Twitter can include all your business thoughts but also it would not put your corporate image at any risk.

It has also been shown that users with links on their corporate site have 7.5 times more followers than a profile without a link.  A link included in your profile then is a major ingredient of a successful Twitter profile.

Use Your Real Name

Always use your real name (either business or personal) and avoid using pseudonyms.

Twitter helps build relationships on a company or personal level so using your name is a must.  It is also be a good idea to upload your photo or company logo and even your geographic location. Telling your followers your real name, and other personal information will bring in a sense of trustworthiness amongst your followers.

Don’t Only Promote Your Own Content But Instead Speak To Your Market!

Think of developing unique and useful content that your followers are looking for; think of how this content could benefit them. If you have a company blog, make sure to reference your blogs.  This way people that are interested in what you do will also find and add you!  Heck – we will probably be posting this link to Twitter itself!

Also keep in mind that you will build a more respected following if you reference consistent material.  Don’t be too self promotional.  Instead, while its find to reference your latest blog posts, don’t be afraid to point to other links on other websites that are related.  It shows your genuine interest is not only for self promotion.  Your content should obviously contain keywords related to your line of business.

Customize Your Design

A customized profile design also forms a crucial element in a successful profile. It shows a higher level of professionalism, uniqueness and gives the visitor a way to see you stand out! A unique and customized profile design will create a good impression among your followers and make you stand out from the crowd. Check out our Twitter profile to see how we do it! www.twitter.com/techwyse

Though Twitter allows you to go as high as 800kb for background image, we advise you keep it in the 300kb range or less as this would help for faster loading. Always avoid super bright colors and prefer those that are in tune with your style and taste. Use contrasting colors for your background, text and link colors. Always leave some free space to the left of the main content area as the content area shifts left and right depending on the browser’s window size.

But remember that prior to creating a customized design it is a good idea to browse through several profiles of your followers to get a feel of how a good customized design for your profile can be developed.

What it boils down to is that in creating a successful Twitter profile you should include every detail about yourself, who you are and what you represent,  so that you are able to increase the number of your followers and build rapport with each and every one of them. And with an increase in the number of your Twitter followers your business prospects could very well brighten all the more.


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Tips for a Successful Twitter Profile

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