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This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 04 21

Internet Marketing April 21st, 2015


This Week in Internet Marketing, we’re looking at Google’s mobile friendly algorithm update and how to determine whether your site is optimized for mobile devices. We’ll also look at landing page flaws that might be affecting your conversion rates, why content is a valuable investment, and what the optimal length of a blog post should be for SEO.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Algo: Everything You Need to Know


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The much anticipated mobile friendly update is rolling out today. Starting today, Google will be favouring websites that are optimized for mobile viewing, including text size, spacing, and how your content fits on a mobile screen. However, Google has confirmed that the release will take one week to have full effect. Still, many marketers are concerned with the update and it’s impact. Check out this article for a list answered questions and concerns regarding this algorithm.

How Do I Know If My Website Is Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Friendly

With Google’s mobile friendly update rolling out today, websites worldwide will be seeing impacts on their search rankings. Your SEO efforts may be affected if you haven’t changed your website to a mobile friendly or responsive design. If you’re unsure whether your site is mobile-friendly, then it probably isn’t. Check out this article for three ways to test whether your site is mobile friendly!

These Landing Page Flaws Could Be Hurting Your Conversion Rates [Infographic]

Landing pages

According to MarketingSherpa, 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate new sales lead for future conversions. If you’re using lead generation landing pages, then you want a page that can encourage users to fill out the form. However, businesses make common mistakes with their pages, such as too much information, lack of call to actions, loading time too slow, and many more. Take a look at this article to see how you can fix your landing page mistakes.

Why Your Marketing Content is an Asset, Not a Cost


Businesses often categorize their marketing strategies with a cost and put monetary value to them. However, your content marketing should be viewed as a valuable asset, rather than a cost. The return on investment of your content could be never-ending because evergreen content is timeless. This means that prospects can be attracted to your business from these content at anytime. Check out this article to see why your marketing is an investment and your content is an asset.

How Long Should a Blog Post Be for SEO?

Blog Post Length for SEO

When you’re writing blogs for your business, you want to ensure that it’s optimized for SEO. You should write blogs with a goal of improving your SEO, attracting more traffic to your site, and having your blog widely shared through social media. According to Neil Patel, longer blog posts tend to perform better. However, you need to think quality as well when you’re putting together a lengthy post. Take a look at this article to see how you can create powerful blog posts for SEO.

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Post By Cherry Kwan (83 Posts)

Cherry is a video-game enthusiast with a passion in social media, content marketing, and all things digital.

Website: → TechWyse Internet Marketing


Cherry is a video-game enthusiast with a passion in social media, content marketing, and all things digital.
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This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 04 21

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