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This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 10 21

Internet Marketing October 22nd, 2014



This Week in Internet Marketing, we’re talking all about optimizing your website for mobile use. With the number of mobile users steadily increasing, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your site is easy to navigate on smartphones and other mobile devices. In this issue, we’re talking about Google’s new mobile icon, the best practices for mobile-optimized sites, Twitter’s new audio additions to their mobile site, what mobile is doing to the local search game, as well as a few stats on the importance of mobile e-mailing.


Google Non-Mobile Friendly Icon Being Testing In Mobile Search Results

It’s frustrating when you land on a website that you can’t properly view on your phone. Whether that’s because the site runs on flash, or it’s simply not responsive, users are likely to leave a website as fast as they landed on it if they can’t correctly access it. This not only hurts your bounce rate, but it loses the opportunity for that new lead. This article explains the significance of this new Google icon, and why you don’t want it appearing beside your site.


10 Best Practices for Mobile Optimized Websites

Users browsing your website from their smart phone are likely doing it with a goal in mind. Finding a store’s hours of operation, viewing a restaurant’s menu, getting information about your services or simply finding out where you are located- mobile users want to be able to access everything on your mobile site as easy as possible so they can get their answers and get on with their day. These 10 best practices for mobile websites will let you know exactly what your users want to see when they log-in on the go!


Twitter’s New Audio Cards Play Music & Podcasts In Your Mobile Timeline

The only thing easier than a band sharing a link to their new song on Twitter is actually sharing the song itself! Twitter has announced that they now have one-touch play options for songs and podcasts directly from their Twitter cards.

10 Trends In Local Media That Every Marketer Must Know

  1. Consumers Are Increasingly Dependent On Mobile Usage
  2. Consumers Use Their Mobile Devices For Payments

Those are the first two points in this article outlining the most important trends in local media. If you’re looking to optimize your mobile site, this is a must-read!


15 Stats That Prove You Need Mobile Email Optimization

More than half of all e-mails are now opened on a mobile device. That means a good 50% of the e-mails you’re sending may not be viewed as you intended! These 15 statistics shed some light on the need to optimize all your messages with mobile in mind.

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This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 10 21

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