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This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 09 11

Internet Marketing September 11th, 2014



Welcome back to This Week in Internet Marketing! We have some great articles for you this week including: Bing Ads Offers New Bulk Editing Tools; Google Makes It Easier For People To Search For Your Content; Call out what matters most to your customers; How Social Media Automation Can Save You Time and Money; and 12 Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers [Infographic].

Bing Ads Offers New Bulk Editing Tools

Bing has recently announced that they will offer bulk editing and the ability to reviews accounts with up to 1 million keywords, 500 000 ads, and 250 000 ad groups all from within the user interface. They acknowledged the previously time-consuming process saying “If you have ever had to increase bids for low performing keywords across your entire account or increase budget for all of your campaigns, you know how time-consuming it can be. Not anymore! Located under the Edit Menu in the Keywords and Campaigns tabs, you can also preview the changes that will be applied.” Using this new system, advertisers can now make bulk changes to keywords and campaigns.

Google Makes It Easier For People To Search For Your Content

Google is now showing a new and improved sitelinks search box within search results which makes it easier to find specific content on third-party websites from within Google search results. It is now more prominent and supports auto-complete. Website managers can now make up their site so Google can display this functionality for your content. Google has this to say: “If you implement the markup on your site, users will have the ability to jump directly from the sitelinks search box to your site’s search results page. If we don’t find any markup, we’ll show them a Google search results page for the corresponding site: query, as we’ve done until now.”

Call out what matters most to your customers

The more information people have, the better purchase decisions they are able to make. That is why Google is releasing callout extensions, an additional text that shows in Google search ads to highlight specific information about products and services. The rollout started on September 3 and full availability expected for all advertisers in the next few weeks. “The use of callout extensions has meant we’ve been able to let our customers know how much more our hotels have to offer than just rooms. Spas, restaurants and meeting facilities are just a few of the attractive options our hotels have to offer, which may not be seen through a traditional revenue driving campaign. In just one month after implementing callout extensions, we’ve seen a 9% increase in conversion rate,” says James Harrower, Senior Search Manager, Hilton Worldwide

How Social Media Automation Can Save You Time and Money

Social media can have benefits in both Search Engine Marketing and relationship-building terms. Unfortunately, it can also be quite time-consuming. Luckily, many tasks can be automated and there are many useful tools available to help you do so. Just don’t forget to keep the “social” in social media! This guide will show you everything you should – and should not – automate.

12 Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers [Infographic]

For many bloggers, publishing blog posts can feel anticlimactic. You’ll need to get people to subscribe to your blog via email in order to build long-term, sustainable traffic sources. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to building a strong reader base but this infographic can provide some great tips and suggestions to get you started.

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This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 09 11

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